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Morning Report: Cody Garbrandt: The UFC ‘want me to be champ, that’s why they gave me the rematch’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Despite being knocked out in their first fight, Cody Garbrandt does not lack for confidence heading into his rematch with T.J. Dillashaw.

This Saturday in the main event of UFC 227, Garbrandt will challenge Dillashaw for the bantamweight title he lost to Dillashaw last November and, up until now, the trash talk between the two has been relatively muted compared to their last fight. All of that changed this week though as Garbrandt started taking shots at Dillashaw during the open workouts, saying that the champion was trying to cherry-pick easy fights instead of taking on the best fighters in the bantamweight division.

“The simple fact is, T.J. didn’t want this fight, [the UFC] had to basically tell him,” Garbrandt said at the open workouts Wednesday. “He wanted to go down and fight Mighty Mouse. Even if he didn’t want to fight me, you didn’t see him wanting to fight Dominick [Cruz]. Dom has a win against him. He wants the easiest style match-up. He didn’t want to fight me - lord knows he doesn’t want to fight me, he knows what I bring to the table - Dominick’s already in his head with a win over him so he says, ‘I’m gonna go after Mighty Mouse.’ For what? Mighty Mouse is 125 pounds.”

Dillashaw knocked out Garbrandt at UFC 217 to reclaim the bantamweight belt, but before that he publicly lobbied for a fight with flyweight kingpin and pound-for-pound ace Demetrious Johnson when Garbrandt pulled out of their first scheduled bout. That fight never came to fruition but after KOing Garbrandt, Dillashaw renewed the push for the superfight but, according to Garbrandt, that fight was never going to happen because the UFC wants him to be the champion, not Dillashaw.

“That’s the thing, that was my whole idea,” Garbrandt said. “I ended up hitting up Sean Shelby and Dana White, saying I’m gonna knock T.J. out and then go down and fight Mighty Mouse. That was my original thought. T.J. stole that from me, stole everything from me. If the UFC wanted that fight to prosper, they would have made that fight happen. They don’t want that to happen. They already moved on. They want me to be the champ, that’s why the gave me the rematch. They called me and offered me the fight in March, T.J. turned it down and made all these excuses and I had to wait all the way until August to fight him. I was ready to go way before that. I told my manager, ‘I’m ready to fight. I don’t want to have my return postponed.’”

That postponement didn’t only hurt Garbrandt though. It’s been almost a year since the last bantamweight title fight and in that time, the 135-pound division has become backlogged with challengers. Dominick Cruz, Marlon Moraes, and Raphael Assuncao have all staked legitimate claims to the next title shot but the division is in somewhat of limbo waiting for this rivalry to play out. And according to Garbrandt, the division will just have to stay that way because on Saturday, ‘No Love’ intends to reclaim not only his belt, but also his idea for a superfight with Mighty Mouse.

“New blood, it’s fine,” Garbrandt said. “I’m glad these guys are going out there and putting on performances but who are they really fighting? I’d rather fight a guy that’s stapled himself as pound-for-pound, Demetrious Johnson. I think that’s the next fight to be made after I demolish T.J. on Saturday.”


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There are no grey areas in Fighting , one man will lose and the other will win , this is why I love this game . Controversial calls , judging , and fan support can always add to the drama but in the end 1 will stand and 1 will fall . Hats off to Dustin and his team he stayed calm under pressure and fought beautifully this makes us 1-1 . In no way will I judge Godard harshly , We have the same Job ! he has to make decisions in split seconds just like I do , and he makes them with my health and my opponents in mind . What’s done is done . As for Mark Henry calling for an elbow in the heat of the moment . An angled elbow is an incredible shot from the position I was in , it’s actually the only shot you can throw . We simply had a miscommunication, it happens in war more often than not , this was a case of “friendly fire” and we ended up on the losing end of this battle . But let’s remember Ricardo and Mark are also responsible for my UFC world title , and wins over some of the greatest fighters in the UFC , He’s the hardest worker on our team , obsessive, detailed , and pushes us all to understand the opportunity we have in front of is on a world stage . He’s my coach , friend , and Been a mentor of mine for longer than most of you know . Losing is never satisfying , I don’t lose often but when I do I grow the most as a person/fighter . Adjustments will be made , if anything this loss will add to the joy of my next Victory ! I want to thank my team , coaches , my family , and everyone who supports me in this journey . My family especially, the sacrifice falls on the back of my wife and our children . We experience great Joy in our victories and incredible Pain in our losses but our only other option is to avoid the experience and feel nothing at all . We are grateful to be able to fight every time the walk is made to the octagon , and anxiously awaiting the the opportunity to make that walk again . Thank you @ufc . I was brought here , not to win , but to entertain.... Are you not entertained ???? T.H.N.Q

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Correia on why she was removed from 227.

This isn't the post I'd love to be posting, instead I'd like to be posting that I'll be fighting on Saturday, with the thrill and adrenaline of the fight, feeling my arms getting up. This is a picture I took last night in my last training, with only 4 kg left to lose until Friday. I traveled to Los Angeles for the UFC with great excitement and as I hadn't been fighting for more than a year, I did everything in the highest discipline so that nothing could go wrong, I was feeling more prepared than ever with new fighting repertoires and physically stronger. However, I was surprised by the California Athletic Commission, stating that I couldn't fight on Saturday because of vision problems. I came aware of my eyes issues. I went through several ophthalmologists part of the Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology. I took care of my health and my eye integrity, even being released by the doctors before the trip. I have current reports from 3 doctors who have been following me since the beginning, reporting that I am released to fight. I acted with dignity! I've been, and I'm loyal! I'm fully aware that I can train and compete! Retinal displacement is a common problem in a contact sport, and many fighters have had it, that is so true that in my last 5 MMA fights, I had already undergone retinal detachment surgery, including the one against Ronda competing for the world title in 2015. I've never been rejected by any commission, and I've fought in several different countries with the same problem, only here in California" the land of the dreams" they destroyed mine to make my triumphant comeback this Saturday . I thank the UFC for giving me always challenges and better fights, I just want to say that I'm ready! Trained, focused, strong, in the right weight to any fight and to any event they choose. It was 4 months of camp, preparing myself, training, sweating, bearing high expenses and it hurts too much, with only 4 left for the big day, receiving this news, preventing me from fighting, even though I feel so well, so prepared. I apologize to everyone for the words, but this situation, in my whole career, is being the most difficult one. @ufc #ufc227

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Some old Garbrandt Tweets resurfaced yesterday.

Heavy stuff.

Man, everybody is getting with Parillo these days.

Heavyweight rolling threw today! @alistairovereem @primetime360esm

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Ronda is apparently doing very well over in the WWE.

this poster for #SummerSlam #august19th @97abdulmalik

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This is a good poster.

Unclear if TJ has ever seen Forrest Gump. Forrest wins at basically everything.

Thanos got Sage.


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Garbrandt: T.J. Dillashaw is a coward for wanting to fight Demetrious Johnson who is only the number one P4P fight in the sport and one of the best fighters ever.

Reporter: What’s next for you if you win?

Garbrandt: Demetrious Johnson.

*end scene*

Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow.



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