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Wagner Prado wants shot at KSW belt after impressive debut

Wagner Prado stopped Chris Fields in his KSW debut.
Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

CURITIBA, Brazil — Wagner Prado wants to add the first international belt to his mixed martial arts career.

The former UFC light heavyweight has won six of seven fights since leaving the North American company in 2013, having defeated all six of those opponents via knockout, and now hopes for a chance to fight for the KSW title after stopping Chris Fields in his promotional debut in June.

“I’ve been thinking about that belt for a year,” Prado told MMA Fighting. “I wrote in a piece of paper that I would become the KSW champion, and that was even before I signed with them. I wanted to go to KSW because they promote what MMA really is about, and I want to make history there. I got there, won the first one by knockout, and more knockouts will come. I don’t know when, but the belt will come. I’ll win everything there.”

Prado, who signed a four-fight deal with the Polish company, is offering to challenge 205-pound champion Tomasz Narkun later this year.

“The media kept asking me about fighting for the belt immediately after the fight,” the Brazilian said, “and I told them that I’m not being cocky, but I know I will win the belt. I’ve studied his fights and I know it’s going to be a cool fight.

“I’ve watched Tomasz’s fights and he’s good everywhere, but so am I. It will be a war, and whoever wants it more will win — and he can’t beat me in that.”

“Caldeirao” fought three times under the UFC banner between 2012 and 2013, and was released from his contract after going winless in the Octagon.

Prado debuted in the UFC against top-ranked light heavyweight Phil Davis, but the fight ended in a no-contest after an unintentional eye-poke. They met again two months later, and Davis won via decision. Prado, who was training at Team Nogueira at the time, was cut after a submission loss to Ildemar Alcantara.

Now training at Evolucao Thai in Curitiba, Brazil, the 31-year-old light heavyweight isn’t focused on going back to the UFC.

“KSW is the biggest promotion in Europe right now and they are paying fighters really well, those that have been fighting for them for a while,” Prado said. “That’s the path I want to go down. I’ve showed them why I’m here. I will be the champion, and I’ll be counting the money soon.”

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