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Garry Tonon improves to 2-0 with late submission of Rahul Raju at ONE: Reign of Kings

Garry Tonon improved to 2-0 on Friday at ONE Championship: Reign of Kings in Manila, Philippines, this time using his signature submission ability to stop Rahul Raju in the third round of their lightweight clash.

The five-time EBI champion got clipped several times in the opening exchanges before forcing his opponent to the ground on the two-minute mark.

Shortly after the fight hit the ground, Tonon wrapped up a signature heel hook, but Raju managed to escape and didn’t accept the Renzo Gracie fighter’s invitation to return to the canvas. After a brief spell on his feet, Tonon rolled into another leg lock from standing, but the Indian evaded the technique again. Tonon finished the round landing big shots from mount.

The submission specialist showcased some high kicks in the opening minute of the second round. He managed to scoop Raju to the ground off a failed head kick, but didn’t manage to keep him down.

“The Lion Killer” executed another double leg takedown at the midway point of the final round. After transitioning to his back he locked in a rear-naked choke, but even with his arm trapped, Raju escaped. After some hand fighting, Tonon found his arm under Raju’s neck again and forced him to submit.

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