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Colby Covington: Nick Diaz ‘too busy getting drunk and hitting women’ to take a fight

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Colby Covington has doubled down on his criticism of Nick Diaz’s social media reaction to Daniel Cormier Octagon facing off with Brock Lesnar following his UFC 226 heavyweight title win.

After taking to social media to goad the Stockton native, the UFC’s interim welterweight champion continued to dress down Diaz on the latest episode of Submission Radio.

“He’s just delusional,” said Covington.

“He’s putting stuff out there that’s fake news. Come on bro, you’re not going up to heavyweight and beating the natty GOAT, Daniel Cormier, and he is the natural greatest of all time. I had to put him in his place. I had to let him know, I’m the 170 titleholder, if you comeback and you want a big fight I’m waiting for you – that’s easy money, homie.”

Again, Covington referenced Diaz’s recent charges for domestic violence and underlined his doubts when it comes to the former Strikforce champion returning to action.

“I think he’s too busy getting drunk and hitting women in clubs, he ain’t got enough time for fighting no more. He’s got bigger issues now, he’s got to deal with the law. All he’s been doing for the last couple of years is trying to generate hype, keep the hype up so he can get sponsors. He keeps saying he wants to fight but he’s out in Stockton acting like a little bitch.”

Covington thinks that he could be in for a hostile reception the next time he crosses paths with the infamous brothers.

“I expect him and Nate to be a little hostile the next time I see them and probably try and get their hands on me,” he said. “Put Nate and Nick with me in a room at the same time, there’s only man coming out and that’s me. Nick and Nate have no chance, I’ll beat both those scrubs up on the same night.”

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