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Nick Diaz ‘embarrassed’ by Daniel Cormier pursuing fight with Brock Lesnar’s ‘cheating ass’

Nick Diaz weigh-in Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Even though Nick Diaz currently has his hands full with a domestic violence case, he’s still keeping tabs on the fight game and he isn’t all that impressed by the UFC 226 face off between newly crowned heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, and Brock Lesnar.

Diaz became eligible to fight again in April following a one-year suspension from USADA and according to an Instagram post from the Stockton native, he’s ready to fight for any title in any weight class.

In a tirade he posted early Friday morning, he outlined his issues with UFC making “bs wwf fights with guys that fight like sh*t.” He also claimed that despite loving Cormier he was “embarrassed” for the AKA fighter and the sport of MMA during the face off with Lesnar.

Diaz also insisted that he only got into MMA because it’s “not WWF” and that he would never put on a “BS act.”

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