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Daniel Weichel denies Patricio Freire’s PED claims: ‘Everyone knows I’m as clean as it gets’

Things are heating up ahead of Patrico Freire’s rematch with Daniel Weichel at Bellator 203 in Rome on July 19, but Weichel is adamant that the Brazilian champion’s recent PED accusation is nothing more than promotional hype.

On Monday, Freire not-so-subtley accused his challenger of PED use on Twitter based on the transformation he believes the German’s body has gone through over the last 20 days.

Although Weichel traded shots with “Pitbull” on the social media platform, he later commented on the matter to MMA Fighting.

Weichel believes that Freire is merely trying to stoke the flames surrounding the fight. However, he also thinks that his opponent has selected a bad topic as he is known to be against the use of PEDs and — contrary to Freire’s post — he stated that he is also in favor of year-round drug testing in Bellator.

“I believe Patricio is only trying to hype the fight and I’ve got to be honest — it’s been a little too quiet around this explosive rematch,” Weichel told MMA Fighting.

“I also believe that he chose the wrong topic as everybody in the game knows that I’m as clean as it gets and am very supportive of the idea to install year-round drug testing (at Bellator).”

Weichel isn’t sure if Freire’s is responsible for all of the tweets that appear on his social media feeds, but underlined that he was more than happy to comment on the issue to remind people of his upcoming tussle with the champion and his anti-PED stance.

“He, his manager, or whoever writes his tweets probably picked this topic believing that I would react to it. I’m not a trash talker and will never be one,” he said.

“There is not much that anyone can say that gets me going, but I wanted to react to his accusations because I view it as an opportunity to let everyone know (again) how I feel about drug testing and also to have people realize that two of the best featherweights on the planet will clash again on July 14th in Rome!”

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