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Patrício Freire accuses Daniel Weichel of testosterone use, vows to ‘destroy’ him at Bellator 203

Bellator 138 Photos
Patricio Freire knocked out Daniel Weichel when they fought in 2015.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Patrício Freire is confident that Bellator 203 rival Daniel Weichel isn’t clean ahead of their featherweight title bout in Rome.

“Pitbull” will rematch Weichel in the main event of July 14’s card in Italy, a little over than three years after their first meeting inside the Bellator cage. On Monday, Freire dropped a heavy accusation towards the 145-pound contender on social media.

Weichel has never tested positive for illegal substances throughout his 48-fight career, but Freire says it’s impossible to go from “looking like a lizard to looking like superman” in less than three weeks.

”Brother, did you see those photos I tweeted? How is this guy clean and manages to transform his body like that?” Freire told MMA Fighting. “He’s a skinny guy, he has to because he’s tall for a featherweight, but out of nowhere he’s super athletic in 20 days? No way you get that body in 20 days. We know Germany is dirty with doping, it’s historical, you see athletes popping in the Olympics all the time. I’m used to seeing that. Daniel Weichel is not a young fighter to gain muscle like that in 20 days. He goes from looking like a lizard to looking like superman in days?”

”I don’t like cheaters, I fight clean,” he continued. “I even have abdominal fat. I eat really well, I don’t go over 165 pounds anymore because I get fat. I hired the best nutritionist and physiotherapist in the Northeast when I became champion for the first and I’ve been eating healthy ever since, but I feel I’m getting older, that it takes longer for my body to recover when I get broken in training, and then I check my phone and see these pictures and that they are 20 days apart.

”He’s doping, man. I know I’m in disadvantage. Not that Bellator is a place for fighters who want to cheat. No, there’s some test, but we don’t have the control during training, and that’s when shit happens. That’s why USADA test fighters randomly in training [int he UFC]. How will I be sure that this is a clean fight? No way. It’s pretty clear. F*ck, it’s testosterone. A lot of it. No other way.”

Weichel responded to the featherweight champion on Twitter, firing back on the accusation.

”If I use something am I going to ask for more testing? It doesn’t make sense,” Freire said. “Will I hang myself knowing that I would get screwed? It doesn’t make sense.”

Even though he’s “pissed off” with the situation, “Pitbull” knows Weichel won’t be drug tested by VADA or USADA ahead of their rematch.

”No one will test (him). It’s just me screaming so the world knows it’s possible to cheat this sh*t,” Freire said. “No one will test and everyone knows it. And I’m the champion. That’s one of the reasons why Georges St-Pierre was unhappy with doping control. Something needs to be fixed.

”If it’s possible to cheat, let everyone do it. Who doesn’t like watching Vitor Belfort fighting, all muscular and full of veins? Who doesn’t like watching PRIDE guys killing each other? I love it, brother. You can’t have this false policy saying you can’t while knowing these guys are cheating all the time. F*ck this, brother. I’m pissed off.”

Freire expects Weichel to be a tough match-up just like it was the first time they met back in 2015, when the German talent knocked Freire down in the opening round before losing by knockout in the following round. The outcome the rematch, he says, will be the same.

”I will kill this guy. It’s worse (for him). I’m upset because it’s cheating,” Freire said. “Hormones mess up with everything — your strength, your confidence, your resistance. But I will kill this guy. It’s worse for him now.

”You know, I believe that the power comes from inside of us. Will it help his performance? For sure, otherwise he wouldn’t do it. I don’t think this guy is spiritually prepared to face me. To take me out of a fight he will have to do what he did in that first round and worse, he has to finish the job. If he doesn’t finish the job I will end him.”

”He knows my hand is faster and heavier than his,” he added. “This guy has nothing for me. He does the basic well done, but doesn’t have super abilities. He’s a tough guy, he’s tough to beat, tough to fight, is ready for everything, but he’s not spectacular. He has his game — he’s like Jose Aldo, does the basics really well —, but I will destroy him. First, because I’m better than him. Second, because he’s cheating.”

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