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Colby Covington shares thoughts on exchange with ‘one-eyed twerp’ Michael Bisping

Colby Covington and Michael Bisping had an odd, heated verbal altercation on the UFC 225 FS1 post-fight show on June 9. Bisping was on the analyst desk from Los Angeles and got into it with Covington, who had just won the interim welterweight title by unanimous decision over Rafael dos Anjos in Chicago.

The exchange was inexplicable and it will obviously never lead to a fight, especially since Bisping just retired. But it happened after Covington called the analysts on the desk his “haters” and blasted them for picking dos Anjos.

“Why you being so defensive?” Bisping said. “Why you gotta be a prick?”

And off it went from there. On Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, Covington reacted to the out-of-nowhere beef — and he went right after Bisping and his permanently injured eye.

“He’s an unprofessional little one-eyed twerp,” Covington said. “Every time the UFC brings me out, I’m always professional, I’m always on time. I make weight. There’s never any issues with Colby “Chaos” Covington. I always do the right things. What he did on Saturday night was a complete joke. That was my time and my moment and he was trying to steal my spotlight. He knew the light was so bright — and usually he can’t see out of that one eye. But my spotlight was so bright, he just couldn’t help but try and jump in.

“It’s crazy, he forgot what happened from American forefather Dan Henderson. You would think he got humbled from the last time he messed around with the red, white and blue. I’ll come across the pond and break that little, one-eyed nerd’s face.”

Henderson knocked Bisping out at UFC 100, but Bisping got revenge by defeating Henderson to retain the middleweight title two years ago.

Covington said he did not address the situation with the UFC or Fox. He said that’s not something he would do.

“I’m not like any other fighter,” Covington said. “I don’t ever complain, man. I just take things the way they are. I’m not like TyQuil Woodley where he complains about the fans, like ‘Oh, they’re racist, because they don’t like me. Oh, they’re racist, they don’t want to watch me fight.’ No, you’re just boring, no one wants to watch the human form of NyQuil.”

Covington’s victory likely sets up a meeting for the undisputed title with champion Tyron Woodley, who also often works on the FS1 desk in studio with the likes of Bisping, Karyn Bryant and Daniel Cormier. It will be interesting to see how that plays out in the future.

Meanwhile, Covington said he doesn’t believe Bisping will be moving over to ESPN when that company gets the UFC’s broadcast rights in 2019.

“You want to take shots at me from the Fox Sports desk, there’s a reason that they’re moving over to ESPN,” Covington said. … “He ain’t going over there.”

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