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Warlley Alves goes off on ‘fake chaos’ Colby Covington: ‘I will beat him up again’

UFC 194 photos
Warlley Alves submitted Colby Covington with a guillotine choke at UFC 194
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Colby Covington became the interim UFC welterweight champion with a decision victory over Rafael dos Anjos at Saturday night’s UFC 225, but one man wants to make sure no one forgets what he did to “Chaos”.

Warlley Alves reached out to MMA Fighting the morning after Covington’s win over dos Anjos to send a message to the interim champion. Referring to the American Top Team talent as “Fake Chaos”, Alves, who submitted Covington with a guillotine choke at UFC 194, admitted he was surprised that Covington defeated dos Anjos, and offered the interim champion a chance to “clean his record.”

“I’ve always treated everyone I fight with respect,” Alves said, “but this guy comes to my country and talks trash about everybody, calls everyone animals… Unfortunately, he beat two big (Brazilian) names, but he’s forgetting what he went through against me. He says no one can take him for 25 minutes, but our fight only lasted 86 seconds. He thinks he’s the guy now that he’s with this belt, but he won’t hold it for long.”

After his win over dos Anjos, Covington declared himself “King of Brazil” in an interview with Combate in Chicago, saying he would run for president in Brazil, and said undisputed champion Tyron Woodley is next because there are no Brazilians left in the top 10.

“King of what? King of what, man?” Alves responded. “Everybody forgets what I did to him. People talk like he’s undefeated. I saw his (UFC 225) Countdown, ‘rising in the welterweight division since 2014’. Did they forget what I did to him?

“I’m not in the top-10 because I haven’t fought a top-10 yet. In fact, I’m redefining my career for a new purpose now: ripping Covington’s head off. I’ll go after him, belt or no belt. He talked trash about my country, he could do anything but that. I’ll go after him and I’ll catch him.”

Alves, who is coming off back-to-back wins over Sultan Aliev and Salim Touahri, has made similar threats in the past, and doesn’t expect any kind of response from Covington again.

“He will ignore it, man, because that’s all he can do,” Alves said. “I can’t change the fact that I lost to (Bryan) Barberena and (Kamaru) Usman. It happened. I made wrong choices in my life that brought bad results. I went through a bad phase in my career, but I beat him in my highs and lows. He’s fake. He’s fake chaos. He’s ridiculous.

“He will come with that same speech and tell me to get to the top-10. Okay, I will. He can’t run forever. I will beat him up again. He knows that, and he’s scared of me. I’m giving him an opportunity to clean his record because I’m the only blemish there. Everyone can hide that fact, but when he goes to bed at night he knows I’m his only loss. If he wants to settle that, come fight me. He says I’m easy money, so come fight me. Wherever he wants, I will beat him again.”

Predicting a first-round stoppage for Woodley in his title unification bout if Covington doesn’t “fake an injury a week before just to run from the fight,” Alves leaves a final message for the interim champion:

“Colby ‘Fake Chaos’ Covington, you think you’re the best. You can hide as long as you want, I’m coming after you. My mission as an athlete now is to beat your face, dismantle you, and then think about the belt. Wherever you are, I’m coming after you. You will pay for everything you’ve done, and you know your time is coming. It’s a matter of time. I’m coming. When I get there and embarrass you, you will retire.”

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