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Jorge Masvidal reveals UFC Shanghai altercation with Michael Bisping

It’s no secret that the enmity between Jorge Masvidal and Michael Bisping stems — at least partly — from a pair of heated run-ins the two shared last year in New York before UFC 217.

But that was far from the end of things between Masvidal and Bisping.

The two apparently another had near-scuffle just weeks afterward, halfway across the world at UFC Shanghai, and that altercation left a much worse taste in Masvidal’s mouth.

“I was already scheduled for one of the fighter appearances in China,” Masvidal explained Monday on The MMA Hour. “Bisping took the fight [against Kelvin Gastelum] last-minute notice. I was there for the whole event. After he got knocked out, I didn’t want to even look at the guy. I’m not the type of dude who kicks somebody when they’re down. Whatever, bro, we’ll handle our problems later. Even though you’re a f*cking racist piece of sh*t, we’ll handle our problems later. And I’m in the lobby, and the lobby is flooded with Asian fans and I’m taking pictures, doing my job, what I’m supposed to do.

“I see him already coming from the corner, so I just give him my back and I’m like, ‘Man, I don’t even want to see this dude.’ I’m hoping he doesn’t see me, but I’m not going to just storm off from the fans and be like, ‘No, I’m not taking pictures because Bisping’s coming.’ So as I’m taking pictures, he’s crossing me by and he gets maybe three feet from me, he sticks out the middle finger and he screams as loud as he can like a little girl, ‘F*ck you! F*ck you! You’re a disgrace to the sport! F*ck you!’

“So I just f*cking lost my mind and I went after him, and a couple UFC employees got there, but there wasn’t that many people to really hold us back. They were mainly holding him back. And his team knew that he was out of line, so they were holding him, and I had maybe like two people on me so I could shake these people and I was trying to. Like always, he cowered out, just like he did in New York, got inside the elevator talking numerous sh*t. (UFC executive) Reed Harris was there trying to take the bullet for him, so he should send a gift basket to Reed Harris at some point thanking him for his life.”

Bisping didn’t see the incident the same way.

Masvidal, 33, said the feud between he and Bisping likely first began with an old interview in which Masvidal claimed the Brit wanted no part of a fight against middleweight wrecking ball Yoel Romero, Masvidal’s friend of fellow Cuban descent.

Masvidal said Bisping responded to those comments on his podcast, Believe You Me with Michael Bisping, which Masvidal claimed was “no big deal.” But then, according to Masvidal, Bisping “kinda crossed several lines” in the months afterward — including ripping up a miniature Cuban flag while seated cageside during Romero’s UFC 213 fight against Robert Whittaker — which led to the escalation last November at UFC 217 and UFC Shanghai.

Masvidal said that although the possibility of the UFC booking an actual fight between he and Bisping is unlikely, he still believes there are significant racial elements at play that make Bisping one of the only fights Masvidal would accept regardless of circumstances.

“That b*tch ain’t going to fight me, I’ll be honest,” Masvidal said. “I’ve been two, three feet away from this guy, and I’ve seen the look in his one good eye. He does not want to [fight], because he knows that whatever happens on that date, I’m go through that to f*cking punish this guy for the sh*t that he’s done.

“For what Bisping’s done and how he’s acted, I sincerely, in my heart, believe he’s a racist piece of sh*t. I want to break his f*cking face. He spit on a Latin corner’s fighter before [when he fought Jorge Rivera at UFC 127]. He talks numerous sh*t about Yoel like Yoel’s not even f*cking human. And then he rips up my country’s flag. So you can’t tell me and nobody can tell me, ‘No, this is part of the game. He’s just trying to…” No, no, no. I truly believe he is racist. He’s a white imperial motherf*cker, or at least he thinks that, and I would to break his f*cking face. So there’s nothing more to it.”

Asked to explain his accusations of racism, which is a serious charge, Masvidal was blunt.

“It’s a fact. Did he not spit on Jorge Rivera’s corner?” Masvidal said.

“Who the f*ck does that? You’re spitting on a corner? What, did those guys steal f*cking money from you or, what was that all about? What was that all about, is it just because they’re Latin? I don’t know. So I didn’t really understand it at the time but I was like, yo, that’s f*cking weird. Then the whole sh*t that happens with Yoel, then ripping up my country’s flag. I was like, you know what? This little racist motherf*cker, he’s going to get it. And the things that he says to me, I know he’s f*cking racist. I know. I’ve been around racist motherf*ckers and he’s one of them.

“I don’t give a f*ck if he’s sitting right next to (Daniel) Cormier or f*cking (Tyron) Woodley on the show and acting all buddy buddy with them,” Masvidal continued. “That motherf*cker’s racist. Maybe he likes black people but he don’t like the Latins, and I would love to break his face. If I can’t get the fight, I hope Nick Diaz at least gets to get the fight with him, because Nick Diaz will punish his ass. Maybe he might fight with Nick, but he will not mention me at all about fighting. You know why? Because he knows I’m a f*cking dog.

“I just want one of the Latin fighters to break his face.”

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