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Colby Covington: Darren Till, Stephen Thompson landed the ‘most significant love taps’ in UFC history

UFC on FOX 22 photos Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Colby Covington doesn’t miss opportunities to rail against his fellow UFC welterweights.

On a UFC 225 media call Thursday, Covington bashed the fight between Darren Till and Stephen Thompson at UFC Liverpool last weekend. Till beat Thompson by unanimous decision to move to a high ranking at 170 pounds despite missing weight. The fight was a tactical battle — and Covington ripped it for a lack of action.

“Darryl the Dough Boy can’t make weight, so he can come get this ass whoopin’ any time,” Covington said of Till. “Him and Choirboy [Thompson], they put on a high five and hug fest. No one wants to see that sh*t. [Till] eeked him out on the scorecards, because it was a fix, but no one wants to see that kind of fight, man. They had more significant hand touches and more significant hugs than they had significant strikes.”

Covington, the welterweight division’s resident rabble rouser, meets Rafael dos Anjos for the interim 170-pound title in the co-main event of UFC 225 on June 9 in Chicago. The winner will likely face champion Tyron Woodley sometime later this year. But Covington said he’s skeptical that will happen. Covington said Woodley, who has been recovering from shoulder surgery, is not really interested in returning to the Octagon.

“The guy is unpredictable,” Covington said. “He doesn’t want to fight anymore. He’s just trying to leverage with the UFC, get one more money fight and get out of the game. I’m here to make this division great again. I’m gonna knock them all down one by one.

“The guy is a circus act, man,” Covington continued. “We need fighters that want to fight. I’m here to fight, Ralphie dos Anjos is here to fight. Other guys are here to fight. He needs to get stripped.”

Covington, of course, feels like he’s the class of the division, though Till has now moved ahead of him as of this week in the UFC’s official contender rankings. “Chaos” said he’s not paying that any mind.

“I don’t really pay attention to rankings, because after I finish Dos Nachos I’m gonna move right back ahead of [Till],” Covington said. “But he landed the most significant hugs and the most significant love taps. Does anybody want to see that? I mean, 40 significant strikes landed in the fight, I mean it was a game of paddy cake out there. When me and Rafael fight, it’s gonna be a completely different thing and I’m gonna make the UFC [welterweight] division great again.”

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