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Ash Griffiths plans to make things nasty for reality TV star Aaron Chalmers at Bellator 200


Ash Griffiths is the first man that has taken on Aaron Chalmers who boasts a professional record.

Both making their Bellator debuts in London this Friday, Griffiths believes that he will bring a lot more to the table than Chalmers’ previous opponents, who all made their professional debuts when they clashed with the Geordie Shore cast member.

“I’m going to be a hell of a lot more aggressive,” Griffiths told MMA Fighting.

“No offense to his other opponents, but it didn’t seem like they were there to win. I’m there to win, I’m there to put it on him and put him in positions that he has never been in before.

“He hasn’t been losing a fight so we’ve never seen if he’s capable of pulling something out of the bag to get the finish. Up until this point he’s won quick and easy — this fight won’t be quick or easy for him.”

Reality television star Chalmers has spent less than four minutes in action and has made short work off all three of his opponents to date. Despite Griffiths losing record (4-6-0), he thinks his experience in grueling bouts will have a big impact at London’s SSE Arena.

“You can’t learn nastiness, you can’t learn that little horrible streak you get from grueling fights. You can fling a lot of money at it and get some of the best training partners in the world, but over a short space of time that training does pretty much nothing for you,” he said.

“He’s trying to throw too much money at it rather than just putting in hard work on those rubbish shows in the social clubs that every other fighter earns their stripes on. That’s where I’ve come from.

“This is the best version of me. I’m going to prove to myself and to everyone that this guy is not what he thinks he is and what he’s been told he is.”

Griffiths believes he can re-launch his career with a win over Chalmers.

“He’s already overlooking me and talking about his next fights with Baby Slice or cheese slice, chicken nugget or whatever you want to call him,” he said, laughing.

“Once I derail this hype train, I’ll move onto the next one and do it to them too. This is a huge opportunity for me to re-launch my career and I plan on doing exactly that when I beat this guy.”

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