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Brad Scott ‘not interested’ in competing at UFC Liverpool after late withdrawal of Salim Touahir

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Scott vs Askham Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

The blows keep coming for Brad Scott.

Following the late withdrawal of Jack Marshman at UFC London, Scott was left without an opponent. To make it up to the welterweight, Sean Shelby got him matched a few days later for UFC Liverpool.

On Tuesday, however — as first reported by Polsat Sport — it emerged that Scott’s opponent, Salim Touahri, had been forced out of the fight with a knee injury.

The UFC informed Scott that they were looking for a new opponent for him for the Echo Arena date, but just a week away from the event, Scott underlined his frustrations with the situation.

“I can tell you what I know, which is absolutely f*cking nothing,” Scott told MMA Fighting.

“Talk about having an anxiety attack: I don’t know if I should be making weight, if I can eat, if I can drink. [The UFC] have told me that they will find me a new opponent, but I really don’t know if that can happen at such short notice.”

Craig White was announced as a late replacement for Gunnar Nelson on Tuesday. The Cage Warriors welterweight is now set to take on Neil Magny, but Scott hoped that the UFC would pit White against him instead.

“They got Craig White, and I really like that guy, but I thought I would be the top pick for that fight…but I wasn’t,” he explained.

“I’m grateful to Sean Shelby because he did get me matched for the Liverpool card. He promised me he would and within four days he had it sorted out, but unfortunately it isn’t happening now.”

Following the late withdrawal of Touahir, Scott insisted that he’s “not interested” in competing in Liverpool.

“I just told them that I was grateful that they got me matched on the card, but don’t stress yourselves out about it. I’ll go away and have a camp in America and start again. I just feel like I should start fresh at this point,” Scott said.

“To be honest, it’s just a really stressful situation when you don’t know if you’re going to have an opponent or not. I don’t want to put myself through a weight cut only to find out there is nobody there to fight. How are they going to get someone at this stage? I’m just not interested, really.”

Scott highlighted that he has lost his motivation to compete at UFC Liverpool, but claimed that he would likely take a fight if the UFC managed to find someone in the next 24 hours.

“If you turn down fights, you’re basically sacking yourself from the organization. I think you’ve got to take it if they’ve gone to the trouble of finding you an opponent. I still feel pretty good, but at this stage I’ve kind of lost my motivation,” he said.

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