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Brian Moore wants Bellator ‘gym versus gym’ event but doubts SBG could find willing opposition

Brian Moore celebrates first-round TKO win at Bellator 196

SBG featherweight Brian Moore romped back into the win column with a first-round TKO of Giorgio Belsanti at Bellator 196 and now “The Pikeman” is angling for a U.S. debut.

Moore has noted the growing presence of SBG in the Bellator ranks and thinks it would be a great time for the promotion to pit the team against another gym.

“Bellator are innovative, a team versus team event is probably something that they would try out and I actually think it would work really well,” Moore told MMA Fighting.

“A gym versus gym card could be a lot of fun with the fighters that we have signed to the promotion now. We’ve got a few people on the roster — me, James Gallagher, Luka Jelcic, Sinead Kavanagh, Charlie Ward, Will Fleury and Dillon Danis — so we could fill out the main card and the undercard no problem.”

Although the Wexford native likes the idea, he thinks Bellator would have trouble finding another gym that would be interested in facing off against the Irish team.

“I like the idea on paper, but who are you going to put us up against, would it be SBG versus the U.S.? I really don’t think there are any other teams that would want to take us on. I don’t know, but once I get a fight lined up I’ll be happy.”

Moore hopes to be a given a similar opportunity to Irish teammates Gallagher and Kavanagh who were brought to the U.S. to compete.

“It’s always been a goal of mine to fight in the U.S. and I think I have a style that appeals to fans over there. I get more messages from U.S. fans than I do from Irish fans and they’re always asking when I’m going to fight over there.

“The States are Bellator’s home and I’m really excited to get over there and put on a show for the fans. I want to establish myself in this division now and I think fighting in America is the best way to do that,” he said.

Moore has taken on both A.J. McKee and Daniel Weichel on short notice, which resulted in his only defeats with the promotion. After getting back to winning ways, he wants to take on one of Bellator’s top featherweights after a full camp.

A rematch with McKee or a showdown with John Teixeira are Moore’s preferences.

“I took on two of the top featherweights in Bellator on short notice, so I would love an opportunity to take on one of those guys with a full camp. A.J. and I didn’t get a chance to properly prepare for our first fight, but we still went out and put on a show,” Moore recalled.

“I still feel I would beat him if we fought again. A.J. claimed he only trained for a few weeks for our fight. I believe him, but it was the same for me. So how about we put in two full camps and go again? It was a great fight before the slip and a lot of people want to see that again. A.J. doesn’t shy away from a challenge, so maybe it is something that he’ll be interested in.

“Another person I think I match up well with is John Teixeira. ‘Macapa’ has got a great record and he’s a Brazilian brawler so I know that we’d have a great fight.”

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