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Gabi Garcia submits Veronika Futina in the first round at Road FC 47

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An emotional Gabi Garcia celebrated her fifth professional MMA win after submitting hand-to-hand proponent Veronika Futina in the first round of their bout at Road FC 47 in Beijing on Saturday.

The MMA debutant gave the Brazilian jiu-jitsu star a hard time for the first minute as they exchanged on the feet. Just after the minute mark, Garcia rattled the Russian with a jab and effortlessly took the fight to ground where she established mount.

Once the fight hit the canvas, Garcia was completely dominant.

After Garcia landed some big shots from mount, Futina regained half guard but was immediately forced to defend a kimura. Moving back to mount, Garcia looked to set up a straight armbar, but eventually claimed the submission via rear-naked choke when Futina gave up her back.

Garcia was considerably heavier than Futina, weighing in at 235.2 pounds. Futina registered a weight of 190.9 pounds ahead of the bout.

The Brazilian improved to 5-0-0, 1 NC with the win.