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Ronda Rousey Wrestlemania 34 video highlights

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Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania 34
Ronda Rousey won her Wrestlemania 34 match Sunday night in New Orleans.

Ronda Rousey Wrestlemania 34 video highlights are for Rousey’s performance Sunday evening at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Lousiana.

Wrestlemania 34 marked Rousey’s first WWE performance as a professional since she left the UFC after two straight losses. Check out the highlights of her performance below.

For more on Rousey’s victory with Kurt Angle, check out the live blog by MMA Fighting’s Marc Raimondi.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have an insane, elaborate entrance, riding on tricked-out motorcycles, led by a procession of female motorcycle riders. Triple H is in a skull mask. Wild stuff.

Angle and Rousey get their own entrances. Rousey comes out to “Bad Reputation,” wearing a white sports bra with “Rowdy” across it and Roddy Piper regalia — a plaid kilt and leather jacket. It’s pretty great, actually. The late Piper is the one who granted her use of the “Rowdy” nickname years ago. The kilt comes off as Rousey enters and she’s in her more traditional black shorts like she wore in the UFC. Her hands are wrapped in black.

Loud “Ronda Rousey” chants to start off. McMahon pie faces Rousey during a faceoff. Then the slams Rousey down by her hair.

Angle and Triple H will begin the match in earnest. Big back body drop out of the corner from Angle on HHH. Triple H tosses Angle out of the ring with some help from McMahon. HHH whips Angle into the steel steps. McMahon slams Angle’s head into the steps. Rousey tries to intervene, but the referee stops her.

They’re obviously building to Rousey getting her hands on McMahon. HHH suplexes Angle back into the ring from the apron. The commentators note that this is the largest crowd Rousey has ever performed in front of — and that’s actually probably accurate. Should be more people than there were at UFC 197 here at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Triple H hits a spinebuster on Angle. The fans are chanting “We want Ronda!” They are building the suspense well.

McMahon chokes angle while in the corner. Triple H goes to throw a punch, Angle ducks, but HHH stops before hitting Stephanie. Angle lands a suplex. Is this where Rousey enters the match for the first time? Nope. McMahon comes from behind and drags her off the apron before Angle could make the tag.

Angle whips Triple H out of the ring, over the corner. Rousey is back in the corner. Angle trying to make the tag. And he does. The crowd goes nuts. Rousey drags Stephanie into the ring. She runs the ropes and hits a clothesline! Then a back drop on McMahon!

Rousey landing body shots on Stephanie and drops her with one to the gut. The crowd is going nuts. “YES! YES!” Rousey throws McMahon out of the corner by the hair. Then suplexes her back, kind of awkwardly. Looked like it hurt.

Rousey kicks McMahon over her and goes for an armbar. McMahon stacks to block it. Rousey adjusts. McMahon gets out of it by raking Rousey’s eyes. She goes to tag to HHH, but HHH is still down and out on the outside. McMahon lands a knee and a DDT on Rousey. She goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.

McMahon kicks Rousey in the back and pulls her arms back with her foot on her back. The crowd is chanting for Rousey again. Rousey looks pretty shredded, by the way. She’s an awesome shape.

McMahon is toying with Rousey now. Pushing her head with her foot. Rousey grabs her by the neck, puts her on her shoulders, whips her around and slams her hard on her back. Rousey covers, but HHH pulls the referee out before the three count.

Triple H then yanks Rousey out of the ring hard. Angle steps in and makes the save. He clears off the announce table. HHH counters and tosses Angle over the other announce table.

HHH tends to Stephanie. Rousey is back in the ring. She wants to fight the former champ. The referee holds them apart. Mixed tag rules mean only men face the men and the women face the women. Triple H is telling the referee, “it’s cool, I got this.”

Rousey and HHH face off. Fans love it. Rousey lands combos. She’s beating HH up in the corner, then takes him down and puts him on her shoulders, rolling through! She’s strong as hell.

McMahon makes the save. She slaps Rousey — then runs away after Rousey turns to grab ger. Rousey gives chase, catches her and tosses her into the side fencing. McMahon slips free and throws Rousey into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Angles lands suplexes on HHH. Triple H lands his knee strike. Angle landing his patented German suplexes now. Crowd still in this very much. HHH goes for the Pedigree! Angle counters into a ankle lock! Angle whips HHH into the corner and hits the Angle Slam! He covers. 1, 2 — just two!

Angle goes for the ankle lock again, but McMahon is in for the save. She throws a kick and Angles catches it. The crowd wants him to clobber her. He puts her in an ankle lock!

HHH saves. Pedigree! Rousey saves Angles from the three count! It’s fast and furious, y’all. This match is well done.

The crowd is really, really pumped. Rousey and HHH again. HHH goes to Pedigree Rousey and goes for a power bomb instead! Rousey counters?! With a huracanrana!!! And right into the armbar!!!

McMahon makes he save. Has Rousey in a choke. Rousey tosses her over — and again into the armbar! Angle grabs HHH and has him in an ankle lock! HHH counters and sends Angle into Rousey. Both submissions broken up.

Crowd is chanting “This is awesome!” They’re right — it’s a really good match. Far better than most thought.

HHH shoves Angle into the post. Stephanie does the same to Rousey.

Angle counters a Pedigree. Rousey does the same and ends up again in an armbar. Rousey has an S guard on McMahon. Looking for the arm again! McMahon taps!!

This was really, really fun. Well done match!

Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle def. Stephanie McMahon & HHH at 20:32