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Ray Borg responds to ‘keyboard gangsters’ questioning eye injury

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Ray Borg showing the effects that glass from a broken bus window had on his eye
@tazmexufc, Instagram

Ray Borg was supposed to be fighting inside the Octagon on Saturday night. Instead, he finds himself having to deal with anonymous critics over the internet.

A flyweight bout at UFC 223 in Brooklyn between Borg and Brandon Moreno was canceled when Conor McGregor and associates went on a rampage Thursday, hurling objects around the backstage area of the Barclays Center, including a dolly that smashed the window of a bus that was transporting several fighters.

Glass from that shattered window resulted in cuts to Michael Chiesa and scratches to Borg’s eye, resulting in both men being forced to withdraw from Saturday’s show. Apparently, Borg has been on the receiving end of critics questioning the severity of his injury, so he took to Instagram to share his medical report, provide a picture of his eye, and leave a message for the skeptics:

“For the keyboard gangsters that think this is a cop-out and for some reason think glasses make you invincible,” Borg wrote. “I have mouths to feed and had a baby on the way leading up to this fight. I also extended this fight in agreement to fight Moreno at a later date due to his injury putting my family at more of a distress [Borg and Moreno were previously scheduled to fight Feb. 18].

“I do not know why you think I can tell the future and think I planned this all out to ‘make money’ off Conor. I came into this sport to make money off of winning fights and after being medically examined by two doctors I was deemed unfit to compete so hey, what do you know, food was taken off of my family’s plate for something out of my control.”

Borg added that the withdrawal had nothing to do with the weight problems that have plagued him in the past and that people shouldn’t judge what happened based on the limited footage available of the incident:

“Also, for those that say I was fine in the Embedded video, you literally saw me for four seconds,” Borg wrote.