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Missed Fists: Charles Bennett goes full ‘Krazy Horse’ at CamSoda Legends, more

Charles Bennett awaits the result of his fight with Bruce Lutchmedial at the CamSoda legends event in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., on April 26
@BrMassami, Twitter

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where Jed Meshew and Alexander K. Lee shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

We’ve covered many different kinds of events since starting this feature, and I think it’s safe to say we haven’t seen anything quite like what went down in Ft. Lauderdale last Thursday. Before we make stops in China, Poland, and Serbia, let’s take a look at the inaugural CamSoda Legends show that took place in Florida, which often seems like it may as well be another country.

Charles Bennett vs. Bruce Lutchmedial

AL: We should preface this by letting everyone know that you thought quite highly of the events that unfolded on this broadcast overall, is that fair to say?

JM: That’s an understatement. CamSoda Legends was the best event of the year so far, and that includes KSW fights. Everything about it was weird and over-the-top and fun. So basically it was the Charles “Krazy Horse/Felony” Bennett MMA show. Plus, I genuinely think the fighter tipping feature was great. Do you not agree?

AL: For those who didn’t watch this free online show, viewers were encouraged to spend money and tip fighters, resulting in a sound clip being played on the broadcast and in the venue.

JM: Notable movie quotes like “Kick His Ass, Sea Bass” being the one I noticed the most often.

AL: If I never hear that line or “Finish Him” or “Sweep The Leg” or “Get Him A Bodybag” ever again, it will be too soon.

We should let readers know time that even if you sign up on the CamSoda website (which I did, strictly for journalistic purposes), there is not currently a way to watch a replay of the Legends event. However, it wasn’t difficult to find footage of the fights online, not that I would suggest anyone use nefarious means to go back and check this one out.

For those who missed it, please lower us into the pit gently.

JM: It was basically exactly what you would expect an MMA event hosted by a porn site to look like, except for the fact that there were a ton of notable fighters in attendance (not competing). The tipping system would determine which fighters received a $1000 post-fight bonus, and more importantly led to truly incredible moments like this one:

Oh, and there were fights too.

Bruce Lutchmedial’s victory over Bennett was seriously enjoyable on its own merits. “Felony” was Krazy Horsing around in the first round, pretending that every shot that landed had him hurt (a la Anderson Silva) but he was so good at it that it honestly looked like he could have been in trouble at points.

In the second, Lutchmedial locked up a tight D’Arce choke that Bennett fought out of and then in the third, trailing on the cards, Bennett briefly took Lutchmedial’s back. For a guy who is taking paychecks to cover his rent and hasn’t looked good in a long time, “Krazy Horse” flashed some of the raw talent that made him one of the most fun fighters in MMA back in the day.

AL: Aside from, well, everything else about him, that’s another compelling facet to Bennett’s fights. The man can still go! He’s the definition of mercurial, and yet it’s so obvious that even as he went on to lose his eighth consecutive bout, he is fundamentally a sound fighter.

This whole situation was just made for him to act a fool. One of the sound bites that sponsors could pay to have played over the PA system was “Spinning Back Fist” and sure enough, Bennett went for one early in the match after hearing that sage wisdom from the online audience. We joked last week about how great it was when the Alaska Fighting Championship ring announcer called for the crowd to shout out suggestions in the middle of the fight and this was that moment turned up to 11.

Lutchmedial deserved the win and certainly earned it, but there is no question who the star was here.

JM: This is from when they announced the winner of the decision:


AL: This young lady clearly shares our enthusiasm.

Later, Bennett got into it with Colby Covington (of course), who was in attendance at this porn-hosted event (also, of course).

JM: I know we are far removed from the halcyon days of Krazy Horse, but this is a dude who slept Wanderlei Silva backstage. Covington needs to come correct before he learns the true meaning of “Chaos.” Also, shout-out to Mike Thomas Brown for breaking up the fight without spilling his beer.

AL: I’m tugging on my rope, Jed, but before we move on, we had UFC castoff Alex Nicholson face former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez in the main event. Did this future vs. past showdown live up to the billing?

JM: No, at least not with regard to the actual fight, which ended when Nicholson got Rodriguez to tap to strikes. He didn’t look seriously hurt or injured and given the level of event this was, we didn’t get answers to why he tapped but it wouldn’t be baseless to assume Rodriguez just didn’t want to be there. An ignominious result for a former UFC champion to be sure. Give credit to Nicholson for realizing that heavyweight is a dumpster fire of a division so if he just put on weight and fought above 205 he’d be able to have a ton of success.

While the fight was mundane though, the post-fight was anything but. First, Nicholson starts screaming at Covington about taking trash and how in real life he and his boy would beat him up. Then the ring announcer, who consistently messed up names all night, started shouting at the UFC for not giving Nicholson another contract, saying it was “f**king bulls**t” that Nicholson was still outside of the UFC and imploring the fans to go shame the UFC brass on social media.

Again I say, #CamSodaLegendsForever

AL: If only we could actually talk about this forever, but alas, the show must go on.

Shuhei Sakano vs. Ayideng Jumayi

AL: I’m not even going to try to come up with a transition into the Rebel Fighting Championship 7 main event, which took place in Shanghai, China, on Sunday. Shuhei Sakano fought Jumayi Ayideng for the promotion’s bantamweight title and he put on a memorable performance to claim the gold.

There’s a lot to digest here. First, Sakano does a gorgeous and elaborate dance before he enters that would make Akihiro Gono proud; second, the referee for this bout is none other than Andy Wang of The Ultimate Fighter 5 “Stand-and-Wang” fame.

I was trying to steer us away from the craziness of MMA, but there’s no avoiding it, is there?

JM: Why would you try and do that??? Weird MMA is so much better than anything else we should be happy there was so much of it last week. And honestly, when the marquee matchup of the weekend was between a 41-year-old heavyweight who has one win in the past two years and a 38-year-old (wow, Frank Mir is only 38?!?!) heavyweight who hasn’t fought in two years, I think we can put to bed the idea that we’re covering top-flight athletic contests this weekend.

AL: I’m comfortable saying that this fight between Sakano and Jumayi was a top-flight athletic contest. It has it all. Some undisciplined brawling (Wang was loving this one, I’m sure) and also creative grappling on the part of Sakano. At one point, he went for a gogoplata as he was being lifted for a slam. He was insanely aggressive throughout the fight and the 22-year-old is definitely the one to watch from this batch of fights.

JM: I’m not sure you can say it was top-flight and in the next sentence reference “undisciplined brawling” but I will merit that this was likely the most fun fight over the weekend. Anytime there’s a flying gogoplata attempt, I’m in, not to mention what is possibly the best back take in existence as Sakano used the cage to walk himself right onto Jumayi’s back.

AL: Sakano would eventually end this one with an onslaught from top position, mercifully giving Ayideng a way out with an arm-triangle submission.

Pure fun and a definite must-watch. Readers can watch the whole show on the promotion’s Facebook page. Sakano vs. Ayideng starts around the 21:00 mark of the main card portion.

Jakub Wiklacz vs. Simone D’Anna
Adrian Blonski vs. Jakub Hansbach

JM: Rebel Fighting Championship wasn’t the only event over the weekend to feature a flying submission attempt. At Celtic Gladiator 20 in Olsztyn, Poland, Jakub Wiklacz hit a flying triangle on Simone D’Anna and actually finished it. It’s rare you see someone actually fully lock in an aerial submission before their back hits the canvas.

AL: It looks like a lot of budding submission artists are going with the motto, “In the air? Don’t care.” And it’s working!

Amazingly, that wasn’t even the best submission on the card. Those honors go to Adrian Blonski who tapped Jakub Hansbach with an armbar just moments after getting his brains scrambled by a huge knee.

We see so many impressive knee knockouts on the international scene and it looked like Hansbach was going to add to that list, only to find himself featured in Missed Fists for an entirely different reason. Better luck next time.

The entirety of the Celtic Gladiator 20 card can be replayed on Facebook.

Michel Pereira vs. Laerte Costa

AL: Lastly, we have one more spectacular submission, though it’s the setup that has to be seen to be believed. In the main event of Serbian Battle Championship 17 in Odzaci, Serbia, welterweight champion Michel “Demolidor” Pereira broke out an absolutely wild — and one would have to think, illegal — flip to attack opponent Laerte Costa.

JM: Yes, by the letter of the law, Pereira’s head stomp is illegal. But if you’re the type of person who can watch a backflip guard pass head stomp, and your reaction is to get upset about illegal moves, you probably also wear Birkenstocks and eat plain yogurt for breakfast. Pereira’s backflip was incredible and I am a firm believer that the first rule of prize fighting should always be: If it’s awesome, it’s legal.

AL: If you’re a fighter and you see that the third man in the cage is Jed Meshew, my advice would be to make your peace with whatever gods you believe in.

A replay of SBC 17 can be seen on their Facebook page, with the main event beginning around the 3:12:30 mark.

If you know of a recent fight or event that you think may have been overlooked or a promotion that could use some attention, please let us know on Twitter @JedKMeshew and @AlexanderKLee using the hashtag #MissedFists.

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