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Michael Chandler scorches Dillon Danis after Danis’ Bellator 198 performance

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MMA: Bellator 198-Danis vs Walker Dave Mandel-USA TODAY Sports

Dillon Danis might have won by submission, but Michael Chandler uncorked a social media haymaker.

After Danis’ MMA debut victory at Bellator 198 on Saturday, Chandler, one of the faces of the company, slammed the Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace for his performance Saturday night on Twitter. Chandler wrote that Danis claimed to be the highest paid fighter in Bellator, but he looked more like the “most un-athletic” fighter on the roster.

Danis, a training partner of Conor McGregor, beat Kyle Walker with a slick toehold in the first round Saturday night in Rosemont, Ill. Walker came in with an uninspiring 2-4 record in MMA, but he did land a few hard shots on the feet against Danis before Danis pulled guard.

In his tweet, Chandler used the hashtags “cringe,” “slow,” and “sloth.”

Danis debuted at Bellator 198 in a 175-pound catchweight bout, while Chandler is the former Bellator lightweight champion. So, for a number of reasons, it’s unlikely the two will get to settle this beef in the cage.