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MMA’s Steve Harvey? Announcer calls out wrong winner in cage after fight

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Never go full Steve Harvey.

An MMA ring announcer called out the wrong winner of a fight at Alaska Fighting Championship 139 on Wednesday night in Anchorage, an event that aired on UFC Fight Pass.

The announcer stopped midway through one fighter’s name when he thought he was calling out the wrong man. He then corrected himself — “excuse me, my bad!” — repeatedly.

At first, the announcer began to say the name of David Booker, but then corrected himself midway through and told the audience that Elijah Terrell had been the actual winner by decision.

Then, seconds later, the man on the microphone issued another mea culpa.

“My bad,” the announcer. “I called it wrong. My bad. I got the scores right, I got the winner wrong. My bad, my friend. I’m sorry.”

He then announced Booker as the true winner.

What a rollercoaster ride for both competitors in a matter of seconds.

Perhaps this wasn’t quite as bad as Harvey announcing the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant in 2015. But now MMA has its own version of the giant mess.