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‘Baby Slice’ seeks future fight with member of Dada 5000’s crew in Miami

Kevin Ferguson Jr. aka “Baby Slice”
Bellator MMA

Kevin Ferguson Jr. (aka “Baby Slice”) would love to bring Bellator back to Florida, and he has in idea for how to make it a blockbuster return.

The son of the late Kimbo Slice, Ferguson, has deep roots in Miami even though he currently trains with Team Bodyshop in the Long Beach area of California. Bellator brought a small Monster Energy event to “Magic City” last November, but hasn’t held a major event in Florida since Bellator 94 back in March 2014.

Ferguson fights Devon Brock in a 160-pound catchweight bout at Bellator 197 this Friday at The Family Arena in St. Charles, Mo., and if he can keep his winning ways going, he’d love to bring his crew down to Miami for some southern hospitality.

“I was already talking to (Bellator president) Scott (Coker) about it and I told him if we go to Miami, it will sell out for sure,” Ferguson told MMA Fighting. “There’s no question that thing will sell out. Yeah, if I get my third straight, let’s do it, let’s go to Florida. It will sell out, I’m telling you right now. The whole arena will sell out, there’s no question. I don’t even have to be main event, I can be co-main event and it still will sell out. We can have the Bodyshop on it. Me, Joey Davis, Aaron Pico, A.J. McKee, that’s the main card right there.”

This upcoming fight will be just the fourth of Ferguson’s pro career. He won his lone amateur fight before signing with Bellator, but fell short in his pro debut, losing by second-round submission to Aaron Hamilton at Bellator 165.

The 26-year-old Ferguson has bounced back from that defeat, winning his next two bouts. He needed less than four minutes to punch out DJ Griffin, and less than two to choke out Fred Freeman in his most recent outing in November. With his career just starting, Ferguson isn’t looking to call out any specific names just yet, but he knows going back to Miami means potentially crossing paths with his father’s old rival, Dada 5000.

Dada (real name: Dhafir Harris) became a Miami street fighting legend in the vein of Slice before the two were booked to face one another at Bellator 149 in February 2016, which resulted in one of the most memorable and most watched bouts in company history.

Slice would pass away the following June, and Dada hasn’t fought since. During his duel with Slice, Dada reportedly experienced both cardiac arrest and kidney failure and he was hospitalized for weeks following the encounter.

According to Ferguson, someone from Dada’s crew has been trying to pick a fight with him for sometime and he’s more than happy to accommodate and create a sequel of sorts to the Slice-Dada match.

“No, I’m not going to call anybody out, but if we do go to Florida, my dad’s last fight was against Dada 5000,” Ferguson said. “[Dada] had this [figher] — I don’t know what their relationship was — I think he trains under whatever organization they have, and the guy keeps calling me out, calling me out.

“So after this fight, I beat this dude on April 13, and then I say we go to Florida and I fight this guy, I think that will sell out itself because it’s like a ‘Kimbo vs. Dada 2’ in a sense, with the second generation. Because I think he’s family with Dada. I don’t know what they got goin’ on, I don’t what they little story or background is, but that’s the guy I’d want to fight in Florida for sure, that kid.”

Slice and Dada’s fight was originally a third-round TKO victory for Slice, though the result wasn’t exactly definitive as Dada appeared to succumb to sheer exhaustion as much as anything else (also, the outcome was later overturned to a no-contest when Slice failed a post-fight drug test).

Whoever Dada finds to put in the cage with Ferguson, he’s guaranteeing there will be no unanswered questions.

“I don’t call out anyone, but I think this guy he deserves this one,” Ferguson said. “Because he’s just trash talking, calling me out, this and that, and he’s with Dada. That’s something, that’s the part that gets me, that he’s with Dada’s team. So I’m like yeah, let’s do that. Let’s see that. I’m gonna give him the beating that my dad was supposed to give Dada.”

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