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Jon Jones fires back after Tyson Griffin posts old text messages

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Jon Jones
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Conor McGregor’s recent headline-grabbing antics have everybody fired up.

“The Notorious” caused a stir in Brooklyn last week, going on a rampage at the Barclays Center following a media event. McGregor and a gang terrorized fighters and staff, and he broke a bus window that caused injuries to Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg, both of whom were subsequently removed from Saturday’s UFC 223 card.

That is just a partial tally of the aftermath of McGregor’s bizarre stunt, and the fighter himself is facing legal charges as well as damage to his brand and reputation.

Ex-UFC fighter Tyson Griffin commented on the situation on Twitter, comparing the misbehavior of McGregor to that of superstar Jon Jones, who has had his own litany of problems outside of the Octagon. Specifically, Griffin wrote that McGregor could lose his recently announced Burger King sponsorship much like Jones did his deal with Nike after Jones was involved in a press conference brawl with rival Daniel Cormier back in 2014 (Jones claimed that the brawl was unrelated to his parting ways with Nike).

Jones, who is currently ineligible to compete as he deals with his second USADA violation, got his Twitter fingers going to put together a heated response for Griffin.

Following that squabble, the conflict appeared to dissipate until Griffin decided to poke the bear again on Tuesday. He mentioned McGregor and Jones again before posting a two-year-old text conversation between himself and Jones.

Jones was not impressed by Griffin’s “cyber attack”.