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Tony Ferguson slams Khabib Nurmagomedov’s previous weight cutting issues: ‘You took food off my kid’s table!’

Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Tony Ferguson still hasn’t forgiven Khabib Nurmagomedov for his eleventh hour withdrawal from UFC 209.

Ahead of their main event clash at UFC 223 in Brooklyn on April 7, the duo traded barbs on a media call Wednesday. Early in the call, Ferguson suggested that he still has doubts that Nurmagomedov will hit the scales on championship weight.

“I hope you have your diet under control,” said Ferguson.

As the two began to trade insults, the interim champion revealed that he was in the middle of a training session as the conference call was taking place.

“I’m actually working out right now while I’m talking, what are you doing, Khabib? Are you stuffing your face full of Tiramisu?” Ferguson asked. “It’s not even Tuesday, dog.”

As Ferguson continued to launch insults in the Russian’s direction, Nurmagomedov asked “El Cucuy” why he was focusing on him so much ahead of the fight. Ferguson fired back, claiming that Nurmagomedov had taken food of his kid’s table due to the weight cutting issue that forced them from their third scheduled meeting at UFC 209 last March.

“I’m focused on you because you didn’t make weight last time,” Ferguson replied. “You know what? You took food off my kid’s table!”

Ferguson briefly acknowledged the stern test that awaits him in Brookyn before suggesting that Nurmagomedov was undisciplined and spoiled.

“Khabib is a strong challenger, I have to give him that,” Ferguson said. “But in order for that, he has to have his hand held at every practice and he has to get someone to teach him how to cut weight. He’s a cake eater; he’s a silver spoon fed cake eater. I’m about to take that food from him and beat him over the head with that sh*t!”

Ferguson insisted that he would be open to a replacement if Nurmagomedov does encounter any further issues ahead of UFC 223, naming Conor McGregor as someone he would like to see step in.

“Absolutely, give me ‘McNuggets’. I’ll chop that b*tch in half.” Ferguson continued, “I don’t give a sh*t who they put in front of me. I’m a champion and I fight like a champion with or without that belt.”

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