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Despite accepting Jon Fitch fight, Paul Daley says recent issues ‘have been left unattended’ with Bellator

Bellator MMA

Just because Paul Daley has accepted another Bellator fight doesn’t mean things are back to normal between the two sides.

Late last week Bellator announced that promotional newcomer Jon Fitch would meet Daley on May 12 in San Jose, Calif. This came just weeks after Daley publicly requested his release from Bellator due to, among other reasons, a “lack of respect,” as he put it.

But when the Fitch vs. Daley fight was announced, the general consensus seemed to be that things had been patched up.

Think again.

“Things have been left unattended,” Daley told “All they’ve given me is a fight. [I] guess it’s their way of addressing the issue.”

Daley added that he has two fights left on his current contract, including the Fitch fight.

As for the idea that Bellator was pitting Daley against Fitch, known to be a grinder, as a form of punishment for publicly complaining, Daley shot back.

“If they gave me the Fitch fight as punishment, they made a big mistake. I’m telling you now, I will KO Fitch within two rounds. He’s not the Fitch of old, he is old, and he’s no Rory MacDonald.”

Daley (40-15-2) has won seven of his last nine fights. He most recently knocked out Lorenz Larkin in September.

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