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Raimond Magomedaliev scores wild, off-balance 17-second KO at FNG 85

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Raimond Magomedaliev knocks out Valdir Araujo at Fight Nights Global 85 in Moscow, Russia.
Jolassanda, Twitter

Valdir Araujo caught a kick and a whole lot more from opponent Raimond Magomedaliev.

A 10-year MMA veteran and cast member on The Ultimate Fighter 21, Araujo was a touch too slow in defending himself against a high kick at Fight Nights Global 85 in Moscow, Russia, on Friday. Though Araujo caught the limb, the strike appeared to connect, and Magomedaliev — balancing on one leg — followed with two hard punches to crumple the Brazilian welterweight just 17 seconds into round one.

The unorthodox KO earned Magomedaliev the biggest win of his young career. He is now 5-0 as a professional.