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Deontay Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz full fight video highlights

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Deontay Wilder remains unbeaten with a win over Luis Ortiz on Saturday night at the Barclays Center.

Watch Deontay Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz full fight video highlights from Saturday’s action above, courtesy of Showtime Boxing.

The Wilder vs. Ortiz fight card took place March 3 at the Barclays Center in New York City, New York. WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (40-0, 39 knockouts) took on Luis Ortiz (28-1) in the night’s main event, which aired live on Showtime. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Wilder vs. Ortiz, check out the play-by-play courtesy of Bad Left Hook below.

Round 1: Wilder comes out with a jab but misses, and Ortiz tries to counter but also can’t find the range. Wilder measuring with his jab, keeping Ortiz on the outside early, and looks like he’s waiting for Ortiz to over-commit so he can land his power shots. Ortiz tries a left hand to the body but Wilder skips out of range. Wilder lands a grazing jab over the rop of Ortiz’s guard. Wilder overreaches with a right hand and Ortiz misses with his counter. Jab lands for Ortiz. No fireworks in the opening round and not many punches of consequence. I think Ortiz’s final jab just wins him the round. Ortiz 10-9.

Round 2: Wilder measuring with his left hand again, looking for a bid right. Ortiz doesn’t take the bait. Ortiz walking forward but not recklessly, and Wilder grazes him with another left. Ortiz falls to the canvas after trying an overhand left, ruled a slip. Wilder tries to jump on him for a moment but Ortiz was ready for it. No real clean punches landed thus far through the opening two rounds, a real nip-and-tuck fight early. Left hand to the body lands for Ortiz. WIlder whiffs with a big right hand but Wilder gets in a counter right. I’ll split the difference and give the edge to Wilder in this round. Wilder 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Ortiz lands a jab to the body. Ortiz triples the jab but Wilder backs away and poses for the crowd. Good jab lands for Ortiz upstairs this time. Ortiz tries a left hand downstairs but it only grazes Wilder. Not much to choose from between the fighters and the crowd starts booing. Ortiz tries another triple jab but they fall short. These are pretty hard rounds to score because not much is landing from either guy, but I’ll give this to Ortiz who is pressing the fight more. Ortiz 10-9.

Round 4: Ortiz and his corner knows Wilder is looking to land a monster right so they’re focused on avoiding giving him that opportunity. Wilder lands a lead right hand on Ortiz. Ortiz hits Wilder to the body with a left, Wilder gets one back upstairs. Wilder slaps his chest to taunt Ortiz. The crowd still isn’t happy with the pace of this fight and Ortiz lands a left hand right on Wilder’s face. Another left hand lands for Ortiz. Ortiz nows tries a right hook to the body as he has Wilder along the ropes but it’s a grazing shot. Wilder isn’t punching much at all in this fight. Now Wilder pushes Ortiz back and is warned by the referee for the flagrant move. Ortiz 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Ortiz blocks a Wilder left hook. Ortiz continues to come forward and throws a short combination that Wilder smirks at. Hard left to the body lands for Ortiz. Wilder having difficulty dealing with the boxing craft of Ortiz, even if he’s younger and fresher than him. Wilder gets in a jab on the outside but misses the second. Ortiz comes back with another combination and he’s out-throwing Wilder by a good by to my eye, even if he’s not landing a whole lot. Ortiz clips Wilder while he’s in the corner and Wilder loads up on a right hand that Ortiz is able to smother. Hard right hand shocks Ortiz and Wilder jumps on him to put him down! That’s Wilder’s big equalizer!! Wilder 10-8.

Round 6: Ortiz looks like he’s regained his composure to start the round. Ortiz comes forward with two jabs and Wilder clips him and Ortiz slaps his gloves together. Hard right hand lands for Wilder and Ortiz fires back in desperation. Ortiz walks it off for a moment as Wilder has shown he can hurt Ortiz at any moment, even while he’s getting outboxed. Now Wilder is pressing forward a little, sensing he has Ortiz where he wants him. Good jab lands for Ortiz. Now Ortiz comes forward looking to land a big left but it just misses. Both fighters exchange power ounches and it seems like both of them could go down at any moment. Wilder 10-9, 57-56.

Round 7: Jab lands for Ortiz. Ortiz coming forward again, looking to land his jab followed by a left hand. Right hand lead lands for Wilder. The action slows down again but Ortiz leaps forward with a left hand. TWO HARD SHOTS SHAKE UP WILDER! ANOTHER FLURRY COMES FROM ORTIZ AND WILDER HOLDS ON. WILDER LOOKS LIKE HE’S ON SHAKY LEGS! WILDER MAKES IT TO THE BELL! Ortiz 10-9.

Round 8: Referee calls a timeout so Wilder can get looked at. Now we’re back underway and Ortiz has the momentum. Jab lands fro Ortiz, wholands a big left hand. Wilder is taking more shots and Wilder is feeling these shots!. Now Wilder turns the table on Ortiz and has him on the ropes for a moment. Hard left comes from Ortiz but Wilder blocks this one. Left to the body lands for Ortiz, followed by a right upstairs. Hard counter shot from Ortiz just misses Wilder’s face! Wilder shaking his head but isn’t moving his hands. Wilder along the ropes more and more as this fight goes on. Ortiz tries another straight left to the body. Then another! Ortiz 10-9, 76-75.

Round 9: Wilder’s corner telling him to dig deep in between rounds. Round 9 starts and Ortiz comes out stalking Wilder. Right hand lead lands for Wilder. Hard left to the body lands for Ortiz. Wilder pops a jab but Ortiz is undeterred. Both fighters look a little tired or are taking a breather in this round. Hard left hand lands for Ortiz! Wilder gets in a sharp jab in return. Hard right hand shakes up Ortiz! Wilder gets excited but Ortiz gets his bearings back quickly. Wilder lands a big shot right after the bell. Close round. Wilder wins on the big shot. Wilder 10-9.

Round 10: Ortiz tries a counter right hook that Wilder evades. Now Ortiz lands a left hand to Wilder’s chest. Wilder pops his jab back on the outside and both fighters land big shots simultaneously. Wilder literally throws Ortiz to the mat. Referee rules it a push. Now WIlder pummels with several hard shots that puts Ortiz down! Ortiz beats the count but he’s hurt badly. Wilder pours it on and crushes Ortiz with several big shots! Referee immediately waves it off! WILDER TKO-10!