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Video: Drew Chatman flips off of KO’d opponent’s back, gets disqualified at LFA 36

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David Clark Twitter

This is a new one.

Following the main event of Legacy Fighting Alliance 36 on Friday, one of the “postlims” saw heavyweight Irvins Ayala knock himself out by attempting to land a hammerfist on grounded opponent Drew Chatman.

And yet that isn’t the strangest part of this story.

For some reason, Chatman decided to celebrate the dubious win by standing on Ayala’s back and doing a front flip that ended with him landing partially on his opponent and partially with his butt on the canvas:

Per the LFA Twitter account, Ayala KO’d himself by slamming his own chin into Chatman’s knee and Chatman was subsequently disqualified for his post-match antics:

In summary: MMA.