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Video: Tony Ferguson hits the gym in blindfold, dress pants

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Tony Ferguson Instagram

When you’re a fighter who’s been forced to prepare for the same opponent multiple times, you probably have to find ways to make training interesting for yourself.

That’s the situation facing UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson ahead of his title fight with rival Khabib Nurmagomedov ahead of UFC 223 on April 7. The two have been scheduled to meet in the Octagon on several occasions over the past few years, only for maladies on both sides popping up to prevent the matchup from actually taking place.

We’re less than three weeks out (knock on wood) from that event, and Ferguson has been sharing videos on his Instagram of his unique preparation. On Wednesday, he showed off his ability to batter a speed bag while blindfolded:

And earlier, he showed that he could mix style with substance, donning a pair of dress pants and dress shoes while putting in work:

It’s doubtful that any of this will matter when he finally faces off with Nurmagomedov (knock on wood again), but it looks like Ferguson is determined to maintain the swagger of a champion ahead of the biggest fight of his career.