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Paddy Pimblett isn’t interested in competing at UFC Liverpool

Cage Warriors star Paddy Pimblett has ruled himself out of contention for UFC Liverpool.

Following Friday’s announcement that the promotion would make its first trip to Liverpool, “The Baddy” was one of the names that topped UK MMA fans’ wish lists given his history of bringing an electric backdrop to the Echo Arena.

Pimblett claims he will be on vacation in Mexico when the UFC touches down in his hometown.

“I’m on holiday May 27th. I’m in Mexico,” he told Ariel Helwani on the latest episode of The MMA Hour.

Pimblett believes that the UFC are putting on the show for Darren Till. He maintains he will have a show of his own in the Echo when Cage Warriors return to the venue in September.

“I’m not that arsed to be fair, about the UFC in Liverpool. I’ve headlined shows there twice and I just fought there the other week. It’s great for UK MMA and great for Liverpool, but the show is for Darren [Till]. Darren can have his show, I’m good — I’ll have my own one in September.”

“The Baddy” thinks the UFC needs him more than he needs the promotion. As far as he’s concerned, once he gains legendary status at some stage during his career, he doesn’t care if he ever fights under the UFC banner.

The Cage Warriors star still thinks UFC Liverpool will sell out, but he doesn’t believe it will be the same without him, citing a recent event Cage Warriors 88 as an example of an event that didn’t bring the same atmosphere without him on the card.

“You’ve seen the Cage Warriors shows when I’m on there and you’ve seen the one when I wasn’t on there — when Chris Fishgold beat Alex Jacobsen — and it just wasn’t the same. And [UFC Liverpool] won’t be,” said Pimblett.

Pimblett underlined that he wouldn’t play second fiddle to anyone in Liverpool, adding that it was nothing personal between him and Darren Till.

“I wouldn’t play second fiddle to anyone, never mind Darren. I know Darren, he’s sound, but I wouldn’t play second fiddle to anyone.”

Pimblett continued: “Whenever we see each other we talk to each other. One of his coaches is the Thai coach in our gym. He’s a sound lad, I’ve talked to him a good few times, I’ll always support him and I hope he knocks out whoever he’s fighting.

“It’s his show. They’re going to Liverpool for Darren Till to be main event, so leave his show to him. I’m not fighting on anyone’s undercard.”

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