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Nasrat Haqparast gives update on eye infection that caused UFC London withdrawal

Nasrat Haqparast
@Nasrat_mma, Twitter

Nasrat Haqparast’s condition is even worse than initially reported.

The Afghan-German lightweight was scheduled to compete against Nad Narimani in the opening bout of UFC London this past Saturday, but the promotion released a statement less than an hour before showtime announcing that the fight was canceled due to Haqparast contracting an infectious eye condition.

At the start of the Fight Pass broadcast, UFC play-by-play man John Gooden said that Haqparast was suffering from conjunctivitis (better known as “pink eye”), but according to a tweet from Haqparast issued on Monday, that is not the case:

Haqparast expressly states he does not have pink eye, but instead a “dangerous infection” that could “infect the brain.” He added that he hopes to be back soon.

Despite the cancellation, Haqparast was apparently paid his show purse and he expressed gratitude to the UFC staff for taking care of him.

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