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Colby Covington aims Twitter taunt at Fabricio Werdum after UFC London knockout

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UFC 202 Photos
Colby Covington
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

There was zero chance that Colby Covington was going to keep quiet about Fabricio Werdum’s knockout loss.

“Vai Cavalo” found himself on the wrong end of an ugly KO in the main event of UFC London on Saturday, getting dropped by a stiff uppercut from opponent Alexander Volkov, who followed up with a pair of punches that left Werdum out cold on the mat.

The former UFC champion butted heads with Covington in Sydney last November, a conflict that stemmed from Covington publicly insulting Werdum’s home country of Brazil on multiple occasions, which resulted in Werdum hurling a boomerang at him and Covington later saying that he would press charges.

Covington apparently took great satisfaction at seeing Werdum knocked out and he channeled famed Simpsons bully Nelson Muntz to take a jab at Werdum on social media:

Werdum was actually charged with common assault and fined almost $500 for the boomerang incident, but seeing Werdum’s trip to London end in misfortune was probably an even happier outcome for Covington.