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Battle testing prospects has become the norm for Terrion Ware

MMA: TUF 26 Finale O'Malley vs Ware Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

For the third time since signing with the UFC, Terrion Ware will meet a highly touted prospect at UFC London on Saturday when he takes on Tom Duquesnoy.

Although he has yet to get a win in the Octagon, Ware gave Cody Stamann and Sean O’Malley plenty to think about when he forced them the distance in his first two UFC bouts.

Duquesnoy was considered one of the hottest prospects outside the promotion for a number of years before he put pen to paper in 2017. While some would shy away from a clash with “Firekid,” Ware sees their matchup as another opportunity to steal a promising fighter’s momentum.

“It puts me in a situation where I’m able to steal all of that limelight,” Ware told MMA Fighting.

“It’s another guy and another highly touted prospect, and it’s perfect for me. The last fight was a great matchup and I think this is a great matchup, too, so I’m excited to put on another show.”

The California native was praised for his fistic ability in his bouts with O’Malley and Stamann. He feels he has an edge over Duquesnoy when it comes to boxing, but he is aware of the Frenchman’s prowess in the clinch.

“I think I have the edge over most people when it comes to boxing and I think it will be the same in this fight. The difference with Tom is that he is really dangerous when he’s in close with his elbows and knees, so that’s something I have to be aware of,” he said.

“When it comes to that mid-range and being in the pocket, I think I’ll have the advantage there. There are lots of things I’ve been working on specifically for this matchup and I’ll be looking to exploit those things too.”

“The Flash” believes his flair for putting on exciting fights might save him from being cut from the UFC if he comes up short Saturday night. However, the thoughts of taking three losses in a row have inspirited him ahead of his European debut.

“I definitely feel as though my back is against the wall,” Ware said. “I would hope that even if I did lose this fight they would keep me around because of the fights that I’ve been in and the opposition that I’ve faced. There have been fighters in the past that have lost three or four fights in a row, but because they put on exciting fights they kept their spots.

“I’m not hanging my hat on that, but I know I’ve been in two close fights already. If I made some slight changes to those performances they could have been winnable. I’ve corrected the mistakes I made and I’m 100 percent confident that I can get the win over here.”

Some fans have reached out to Ware and tried to convince him that the UFC is throwing him to the wolves. He looks forward to silencing those who think he doesn’t have what it takes to add a second UFC loss to Duquesnoy’s record.

“I get it, he’s got a win in the UFC and he has a huge reputation over here. I think people are looking at it and they see the zero in the win column for me and they’re underestimating what I can do,” he explained.

“All you have to do is a bit of research, look at my style and see what I’m capable of to know that I’m a bad fight for him.

“On the flip side of that, he’s a dangerous fight for me, too. I know that, but I also know that I’ve fought guys like him and I’ve beat guys like him. I think people are going to be genuinely shocked when I think this fight’s over. I’m excited to silence my critics.”