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Fabricio Werdum: Mike Tyson almost broke my nose in movie fight scene

Fabricio Werdum
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Fabricio Werdum came this close to becoming another victim of “Iron Mike.”

While working on the film Kickboxer: Retaliation, the former heavyweight champion of the UFC had to shoot a scene with the former heavyweight king of the boxing world, Mike Tyson, and, according to Werdum, he was lucky to walk away with his face intact.

“It’s amazing. Mike Tyson punched my nose, too, an accident, but he punched me and almost he broke my nose,” Werdum told TMZ Sports. “Because I’m an actor, he’s no actor too, but he’s good, he’s a funny guy, he’s a very nice guy, but he punch very hard.”

Werdum laughed off the incident, though he may not have been inclined to do so if it were anyone other than the 51-year-old Tyson.

“It almost knocked down me, but it’s good,” Werdum said. “I feel good because it’s Mike Tyson, no other guy. Maybe other guy, I don’t feel good if they punch my face, but Mike Tyson’s OK.”

Fortunately for the UFC, Tyson’s punch didn’t do any serious damage to Werdum, who is set to fight Alexander Volkov in the main event of UFC London this Saturday.

When Werdum was asked whether he considered giving Tyson a receipt for the accidental blow, the famed Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert didn’t even think about hitting him back.

“No, no, no,” Werdum said. “Maybe I take down him.”

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