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Luke Rockhold, Michael Bisping exchange heated, profanity-laced barbs

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping don’t have a fight officially announced. But if their recent conduct is any indication, a trilogy bout could be on the horizon for the two former UFC middleweight champions.

On Tuesday, Rockhold tweeted to Bisping, writing “sign the contract or shut it.” Attached to the text was a photo of Rockhold’s submission victory over Bisping from 2014.

Of course, Bisping isn’t one to just let things like that slide. He responded in kind with a gif of his first-round knockout of Rockhold — whom he called a “dipshit” — from UFC 199 in June 2016.

“But remember when I knocked you out cold, took your belt and you cried like a little bitch?” Bisping wrote. “In fact that’s probably a little hazy for you. See attached and have a great day numb nuts.”

Rockhold said last week on The MMA Hour that he would like to be Bisping’s opponent in Bisping’s upcoming retirement fight. Bisping has also expressed interest in that bout being his final one in the UFC, but told MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani last week that he has not been offered the scrap just yet.

With the series 1-1 between the two longtime stars, a third showdown only makes sense. The Twitter banter is only turning up the volume on the possibly for fans.

“You know that’s a fight that, if it’s on the table, I’m gonna have to put that at the front of the line before I do anything else,” Rockhold said on The MMA Hour. “If he can back up what he just said, I’ll be very willing to take that fight any where, any time.”

Update: Rockhold recently responded with the following below.