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Luke Rockhold arrives to UFC 221 open workouts on the back of a camel

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Never accuse Luke Rockhold of not knowing how to make an entrance.

The former UFC middleweight champion arrived to the UFC 221 open workouts Friday in Perth on the back of a camel. SBNation’s Submission Radio of Australia posted the video to Twitter.

“Some people ride horses, some people ride chariots — I ride a camel,” Rockhold said.

Western Australia is actually home to the largest herd of feral camels in the world, per the state’s department of biodiversity, conservation and attractions. They were imported to Australia in the 1800s for transportation purposes.

Rockhold will meet Yoel Romero in the main event of UFC 221 on Saturday (Sunday morning in Australia) in a bout for the interim middleweight title. If Rockhold wins, he would get a crack at unifying the 185-pound belt against undisputed champion Robert Whittaker.

That is, if he can get over the hump.