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‘Company guy’ Fabricio Werdum rehired by the UFC for commentary duties

Fabricio Werdum will get to headline his second UFC card in four months, and another main event spot is not the only good news he’s had recently.

The former heavyweight champion had a meeting with UFC president Dana White in Las Vegas on Jan. 29, and revealed on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour that he was hired to once again do the TV commentary for the company’s Spanish broadcast.

”Yes, I’m happy about this because I love this job,” Werdum said. “It’s not just about money. For money too, but it’s my work. I love this work. The first time I go to the TV for commentary I no like it because I have a fight coming up and I didn’t wanna do that, but now I love this. I love TV because it’s in Spanish, for all Latin America, for USA in FOX Desportes, and I’m fluent in Spanish, I’m very comfort that. I love this.”

Werdum was fired from his duties after posting an anti-Reebok protest on his Instagram page in 2016, but says he’s a “company guy” now and “everything is positive” after his 40-minute meeting with Dana White last week.

”Sometimes you have a fight with your wife, I have a fight with your friend, is normal life,” he said. “And sometimes you have a fight in your job, too. But it’s not very important, little fights. But it’s in the past.”

“Vai Cavalo” is hoping to get back in the commentary booth at Saturday’s UFC 221 card, which takes place in Perth and features Luke Rockhold vs. Yoel Romero for the interim middleweight championship, and sees his commentary job as a good plan for when he retires as a fighter.

”Maybe I stop fighting in four years, three years, I have a good job,” said Werdum, who headlines UFC London on March 17 against Alexander Volkov. “Not job just for money, but I love this. Much better.”

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