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Video: Jan Janka shoves opponent off feet at XFN faceoff, has fight canceled

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Jan Janka definitely knows how to push some buttons.

Ahead of an X Fight Nights show in Pribram, Czech Republic, Janka got up-close-and-personal with his main event opponent Christopher Sengele, delivering a hard shove at yesterday’s faceoffs that sent Sengele tumbling backwards.

The scene became more chaotic as Sengele’s flailing arm caught the XFN backdrop, causing it to come crashing down. Officials quickly prevented the conflict between the two lightweights from escalating and Sengele appeared to find his composure almost immediately.

Watch a clip of the incident above.

UPDATED: According to the XFN Facebook page, Janka has been suspended and his XFN main event bout vs. Sengele has been canceled.