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Dana White: Conor McGregor ‘understands’ why title up for grabs at UFC 223

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Dana White
Dana White
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Dana White hasn’t really cleared up the status of Conor McGregor‘s UFC lightweight title ahead of UFC 223.

Speaking this week to TMZ Sports, the UFC president said he had already the addressed the title issue at a press conference in Boston for UFC 223 last month.

“I said in the last press conference that fight will be for the title. It’s not for the interim title, that fight will be for the title,” White said.

According to White, McGregor understands why the UFC made the decision to have Nurmagomedov and Ferguson compete for the “title” at UFC 223.

“Is he upset? No, Conor understands,” White said. “Conor made a lot of money, he wants some time off, but the division has to go on and the business has to go on.”

White went on to say he would like McGregor to fight the winner of the UFC 223 main event, but again underlined his belief that the Dubliner may never compete again.

“It was August and now it’s September,” White said. “I say it all the time, when you get that kind of money… Conor might never come back. It’s a lot of money.”

White also stated that Floyd Mayweather is not in “active negotiations” to compete in the UFC. He believes that a rematch between the undefeated boxer and McGregor should only happen in the Octagon and remarked “anything is possible” when asked if the fight could take place.