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Morning Report: Chuck Liddell would be ‘shocked’ if he wasn’t cleared for return, doesn’t think Tito Ortiz will fight

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Chuck Liddell Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

If it feels like only yesterday that Tito Ortiz was jawing at Chuck Liddell about a big fight in the UFC, that’s because it was. And now Liddell has answered back.

Speaking with TMZ Sports on Wednesday, Liddell responded to Ortiz’s claims that he come out of retirement for a trilogy fight between the two Hall of Famers, saying it was great news, if Ortiz stays true to his word.

“That would be awesome,” said Liddell. “I hadn’t seen that. Somebody said something about it but I hadn’t seen it.

“I’ll believe it when I see it, when he actually signs the contract, and then I’ll believe it again when he actually shows up to the fight.”

Liddell and Ortiz have fought twice before with Liddell earning TKO victories on both occasions. Usually fighters don’t have a trilogy bout when one competitor wins the other two fights decisively but Liddell and Ortiz began talking about the possibility of a fight recently, after Ortiz shut it down last year. Earlier this week though, Ortiz changed his tune on the potential fight and even took a shot at Liddell, suggesting he only wanted the fight because he needs money. But perhaps that bit of trash talk didn’t get the reaction Ortiz was looking for because Liddell laughed the claim of “favors” off.

“I’ll take it,” said Liddell. “However he wants to give it to me, I’ll take it. If he wants to do me a favor, I’ll take it.

“[But] I have a hard time believing [he’s serious]. He pulled out the last time. It is what it is. If he actually signs to do it, I’ll be happy.”

With both fighters seemingly on board, at this point there’s only one major impediment to this proposed fight happening: getting the okay from a commission. Ortiz says he doesn’t think anyone will sanction Liddell to fight given his age (48), that he hasn’t fought in almost a decade, and that he was been knocked unconscious in four of his last six fights.

Liddell says that’s just wishful thinking from Ortiz though and he would be shocked if he wasn’t sanctioned to fight again.

“I don’t know why I wouldn’t be,” said Liddell. “I’ve had medical exams for my mountain climbing show and I cleared with everything there so I should be just fine. We’ll have to see. If they don’t clear me, I’d be shocked. They’ve cleared a lot of people in a lot less shape than I am.

“I’ve already beat him twice. He’s probably hoping that I’ve really declined and he’s able to take advantage of that, that’s what he’s hoping for. If he actually shows up, it’s gonna be bad news for him.”

So with both parties ready and willing to fight, it’s just a matter of setting the thing up and not to be outdone with enthusiasm, Ortiz also seems excited that this might actually happen.


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Take it easy and see y’all tomorrow.



This fight totally happens this year, doesn’t it?

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