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MMA veteran Marlon Sandro breaks silence two months after alleged attack to fiancee

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Marlon Sandro has spoken for the first time since the alleged attack.

More than two months after being accused of attacking his fiancee in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Marlon Sandro has finally spoken.

The longtime MMA veteran, a former Sengoku, Bellator and Pancrase fighter, allegedly injured his fiancee Tayssa Wuensche on Dec. 14, injuring her arm and choking her out in the middle of the street.

Sandro was kicked out of Nova Uniao, where he was one of the top fighters and trainers, and never responded to a request from comments. On Tuesday afternoon, he decided to open up.

“The Gladiator” released a video on his Instagram account, admitting that he “made a mistake” while asking for a chance to fight again.

Sandro, who holds a 28-7-2 record in MMA, does not apologize to Wuensche or directly mention the accusation in the post.

His full statement can be seen below.

I know I had my moment of mistake, I’m working on getting better and being a new man. I quit drinking, that was one of the things that made me lose my temper. Every person has his belief and I don’t criticize them, every one searches for your spiritual balance, and mine is church.

I live in the (favela), I could be in crime doing drugs, but it’s the opposite, I want to be a better human being.

I know I can be better than I was.

Wanna to judge me, fine, I accept all judgements. But what do you prefer? That I give myself up to drugs? Or that I try to fix what I did wrong? What would you do if you were in my position?

Justice is being done in court.

I only ask this chance to all promotions.

In the video, Sandro says he’s unemployed and needs an opportunity. The full transcript can be seen below.

Hey guys, I’m Marlon Sandro, MMA athlete.

Guys, I came here to ask you a chance to work. I’m unemployed, I need to work, I need to fight, and I’m asking you all an opportunity. I have no problem leaving the country, traveling, working. I’m resolving my problems in justice.

I know I’ve failed, I know I made a mistake, but I think that every human being has the right to redeem himself and try to fix things in life. I know I’m a good citizen. I know I failed, I know I made a mistake, but I know that I have a lot more to fix and get better.

This is what I ask you guys. Only one opportunity. Think fondly, I’m here to work with you all.

Thanks, guys.