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Pedro Munhoz blames hotel for UFC Belem weight-cutting issues

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Pedro Munhoz (EL)
Pedro Munhoz failed to make weight for UFC Belem.

BELEM, Brazil — Pedro Munhoz is not happy with his botched weight cut.

Munhoz was scheduled to co-headline UFC Belem against John Dodson on Saturday in Belem, Brazil, but came in four pounds overweight on Friday morning. Dodson wasn’t happy with the situation and decided not to take the fight.

Munhoz spoke with MMA Fighting after the weigh-ins, and explained what went wrong in Belem.

”Everything went like in my previous fights,” Munhoz said. “I have a schedule with the weight I have to be when fight week starts, how much I’ll cut every day, and it went all according to the plan. The complicated part was this morning because there was no hot water at the hotel.”

Fighters are staying at the Radisson hotel in Belem, but were moved to Mercury on Thursday. The change didn’t help the fighters make weight.

”The hotel we are in has no bath tub, and the hotel they sent us to last night was out of hot water last night,” Munhoz said. “I don’t lose weight in the sauna, I don’t sweat. I lose weight training, like I did yesterday, and I always leave two pounds to cut in the bath tub in the last morning. I lose that in 30, 40 minutes, easy.”

The Brazilian bantamweight said he weighed 140 pounds on Thursday, and couldn’t lose one pound overnight. In the end, he realized it would be impossible for him to make weight this time.

”I went to the sauna for a long time and didn’t sweat anything,” he said. “I wouldn’t kill myself trying to make this weight, so we decided to stop and miss weight this time. I’ve never missed weight before. I’m a professional, and I like to make weight, but a lot of things happened this time.”

Munhoz is hoping that the UFC schedules this match-up for a future card, and will fight later this month if that’s what the company wants.