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UFC Austin results: Curtis Millender knocks out Thiago Alves

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MMA: UFC Fight Night-Austin Alves vs Millender Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Curtis Millender had a successful UFC debut last night at the expense of one of the company’s most durable competitors.

Millender put on an impressive show at UFC Austin, using a big knee to finish veteran Thiago Alves late in the second round of the their main-card welterweight bout. The time of the knockout was 4:17.

“I’ve been working five years, I’ve been working hard to get here,” Millender (15-3) said. “I’m happy I’m here and I’m happy to dominate.”

The Orange County-based Millender was sharp in the opening round, landing crisp punches, kicks to the body, and solid knees. Toward the end of the round, Millender twice dropped Alves with right hands. The second time, Millender mistakenly thought the bout was over. When he realized he wasn’t, he swarmed the downed Alves, but he had given up enough time that Alves was able to hang on until the end.

There were no such doubts in the second. Alves actually had a better showing for much of the round, as he did a more effective job of closing the distance, but ultimately it ended in him walking right into the big finishing knee.

“I’ve got a welterweight hit list and everybody on it,” Millender said. “Come get it.”

Millender won his seventh straight fight. Alves (22-12), who was competing in his 17th UFC bout, has dropped three of his past four.