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Derrick Lewis will call out ‘tired ass’ Francis Ngannou if he wins at UFC Austin

Derrick Lewis wasn’t bowled over by Francis Ngannou’s decision loss to Stipe Miocic at UFC 220.

According to “The Black Beast,” he avoided buying the pay-per-view because he wanted to be certain that Ngannou didn’t get any of his money. On the latest episode of The MMA Hour, Lewis claimed that the only coverage of the event he saw was when his friend video-called him after Miocic had won the fight.

“I didn’t watch the fight,” Lewis told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

“I just saw the post-fight and some highlights because I didn’t want to give Francis none of my money. I didn’t want to pay for that UFC fight at all, just in case they decided to give Francis a portion of the fight, so no.

“I didn’t even watch the post-fight on TV. A friend FaceTime’d me the TV so I could see the highlights, so I wasn’t really watching. I was really watching Martin, reruns of Martin.”

On a previous episode of The MMA Hour, Lewis insulted Ngannou by calling him “a booty scratcher.” He didn’t originally have any bad blood with “The Predator,” but changed his tune because he heard the Cameroonian “talking crap” about him in interviews.

“It didn’t used to be like that,” Lewis said. “Whenever I first met the guy and seen him fighting, people asked me about him and I said, ‘Yeah, he’s good.’ Now, every time someone asked him a question about me, he’s always talking crap. He ain’t never said nothing good about me, so f*ck the guy.”

Lewis went on to say that he would call the former title contender out if he claims victory over Marcin Tybura at UFC Fight Night 126 in Austin.

“He still is a booty scratcher. If everything goes good next week, I’m grabbing the mic and I’ll be like, ‘Where’s Francis’ tired ass at?” Lewis said.

And if Lewis had it his way, he would fight Ngannou this year.

“Let’s see if we can make that fight happen this year,” he said. “I wanted Fabricio (Werdum), but he’s booked. I want anyone, it doesn’t even matter, man. I’ll fight Cain (Velasquez) next if that’s possible, but I’m not looking past (Marcin) Tybura at all.

“He’s a tough guy. He’s like another Fabricio, he’s good everywhere, standing, he’s conditioned, he’s durable. I’m not going to underestimate him at all.”

Lewis underlined his intention to call out Ngannou and pondered why the African hasn’t called for a fight with him.

“Yeah, I’m going to call out Francis; I’m calling out Francis right now,” Lewis said.

“This is another thing about Francis: He sits up there and he talks sh*t about me to all of the journalists and this and that, but he never calls me out. He never once said, ‘I’m going to fight Derrick.’ He always sits there and talks sh*t about me, but he wants to fight everyone else though. He don’t say he want to fight me. F*ck that, motherf*cker.”

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