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Tai Tuivasa upset he didn’t get bonus at UFC 221: ‘I should’ve gotten 50K just for the shoey’

Tai Tuivasa accomplished two impressive things at Saturday’s UFC 221.

The undefeated heavyweight prospect picked up a solid victory in his home country of Australia, stopping Cyril Asker with a series of hard elbows and punches, while also pulling off a “shoey” — where he chugged a beer from a shoe on his way from the Octagon to the backstage area of the Perth Arena.

Yet, despite his two memorable feats outside and inside the Octagon, Tuivasa didn’t get one of the four $50,000 Fight Night bonuses awarded in Perth, Western Australia. And “Bam Bam” was not happy about that, to say the least.

“What more do they want us to do?” Tuivasa told reporters at the UFC 221 post-fight press conference. “I should’ve gotten 50K just for the shoey.”

During the broadcast, it was unclear as to where the shoe came from or whom it belonged to. But Tuivasa confirmed with reporters that it wasn’t familiar footwear.

“Of course it was a random shoe, anybody’s shoe,” Tuivasa said.

Tuivasa will have to settle with just a victory leaving UFC 221, but he remains surprised that neither him nor his brother-in-law Tyson Pedro, who submitted Saparbek Safarov on the same card, didn’t get any extra cash from the UFC.

“I think we both should’ve gotten Performance of the Night and I think everyone else thought we should’ve gotten Performance of the Night,” Tuivasa explained. “He (Tyson Pedro) almost ripped somebody’s arm off, and I like elbowed (Cyril Asker) back to France and f*cking nothing. Now I have to go home and cry all night.”

The 24-year-old Tuivasa — who’s now 7-0 in his professional MMA career — also took to Twitter following the fight to voice his discontent for not getting a bonus.

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