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Alan Patrick explains why he begged for bonus at UFC Belem, dreams of Joe Lauzon fight

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MMA: UFC Fight Night-Belem-Patrick vs Hadzovic
Alan Patrick improved to 5-1 under the UFC banner.
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

BELEM, Brazil — Alan Patrick put out a passionate request for a $50,000 bonus to buy a house in his post-fight interview at UFC Belem, moments after his win over Damir Hadzovic, but he left the Mangueirinho Arena without extra cash.

Patrick is riding a three-fight winning streak in the UFC and holds a 5-1 record inside the Octagon, and admits that he thought he would be able to have his own house at this point of his career.

“I expected that, but we live in Brazil and it’s surreal here,” Patrick said after the win. “I think I’d have three houses by now if I lived in the United States, but it’s hard here, it’s too expensive. And with this (sponsorship) embargo now, we used to make a little cash as well.

“But it is what it is, let’s see what I can get and buy my house. But I’m in the biggest organization in the world, three wins in a row, and I hope God gives Dana White a blessing and he gives me this bonus so I can buy my house.”

Unable to secure a bonus, “Nuguette” now focuses on getting a big fight next. Joe Lauzon, who is currently slated to face Chris Gruetzemacher at UFC 223, is Patrick’s favorite option.

“I want a top 10, top 15 next,” he said. “I’ve won three in a row now in the biggest organization in the world and I want to test myself. I want to fight someone ranked to test my game.”

“My dream is to fight Joe Lauzon, Donald Cerrone — but (Cerrone) just moved up in weight. Bring me anyone ranked,” he continued. “(Lauzon) is a veteran in the promotion and it’s a good match-up. He moves forward, fights with his jiu-jitsu and standing, everywhere, and I want to fight guys that are ranked to move one big step ahead and prove what I can do in the division.”