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UFC 221 results: Tyson Pedro submits Saparbek Safarov in opening round

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UFC 221: Pedro v Safarov Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The UFC 221 main-card opener between Tyson Pedro and Saparbek Safarov was turning into an entertaining, if sloppy, slugfest.

But then Pedro reminded the crowd in Perth, Australia why he’s already got so many submission finishes under his belt in his young career.

The Sydney-based light heavyweight finished the bout at 3:57 of the opening round Saturday night with a beautifully done Kimura, as he improved his record to 7-1.

Pedro and Safarov traded blows in the standup for most of the opening round, with Safarov doing his best to turn the bout into a grappling contest. They jostled for postiion along the fence when Pedro made a sweet sweep into the Kimura. Safarov rolled with it, but Pedro swung his leg over Safarov’s head to isolate the arm, leaving Safarov no choice but to tap.

“Man we haven’t practiced Kimuras at all,” Pedro said. “But he was really low on it and I grabbed on and just ripped it, I know he wasn’t going to hold on. I put my leg up and just got it. He hit pretty hard for a Dadbod.”

All seven of Pedro’s career victories have been first-round stoppages, five of them submissions. Dagestan’s Safarov dropped to 8-0, 0-2 in the UFC.