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UFC 231 live blog: Alex Oliveira vs. Gunnar Nelson

Alex Oliveira poses with Gunnar Nelson ahead of their welterweight bout at UFC 231 on Saturday at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

TORONTO — This is the UFC 231 live blog for Alex Oliveira vs. Gunnar Nelson, a welterweight bout at Saturday’s UFC event at Scotiabank Arena.

Oliveira, who has won six of his last seven fights (excluding one no contest), faces Nelson, who is returning from a 510-day layoff, on the main card.

Check out the UFC 231 live blog below.

Round 1: Your referee for this fight is Jerin Valel. Nelson settles into his karate stance and takes a leg kick, but he darts forward for a takedown and gets Oliveira against the cage. Oliveira immediately starts firing downward elbows of questionable legality. Nelson gets in deep and lifts Oliveira for a slam, but it looks like Oliveira blocked it with a blatant cage grab. Valel separates them and issues a warning before resetting them against the cage. No point deduction. Nelson gets low on a double leg and scores the takedown. He’s moving fast to get his hooks in, Oliveira countering with hand fighting. He’s on his side as Nelson tries to roll him over. Nelson with a body triangle and he can’t quite secure back control. Oliveira throwing looping punches the whole time. He’s reversing position, into full guard. Ground and pound by Oliveira. Nelson looking to get his legs between them and alleviate some of the pressure, but Oliveira is just firing away with punches and hammer fists. Oliveira looking to posture up to land something more substantial. He can’t generate too much force, but Nelson isn’t going anywhere. Nelson tries for a leg lock and he manages to trip Oliveira onto his back. Oliveira looking calm as the round comes to a close in 50-50 position.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Oliveira.

Round 2: Oliveira now pushing Nelson against the cage. He goes for a slam, but it’s blocked. Nelson balancing on one leg. He blocks a trip and falls into full mount on Oliveira. Nelson in complete control here, he’s doing damage, dropping elbows and maintaining position. Oliviera is badly bloodied up. He has to give up his back and Nelson gets the choke, blood is just pouring from Oliveira’s head and he taps out.

Official result: Gunnar Nelson def. Alex Oliveira via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:17 of round two

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