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Morning Report: Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager: Floyd Mayweather ‘very much begging for the fight’ with Khabib

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

2018 was a big year for Khabib Nurmagomedov. After winning the undisputed (but heavily disputed) lightweight championship with a unanimous decision victory over Al Iaquinta at UFC 223, Nurmagomedov went on to dominate Conor McGregor at UFC 229, silencing the dispute about his title and making himself a major star in the process. Such was the nature of his newfound star power that even Floyd Mayweather Jr. was interested in fighting him, and even though UFC President Dana White has downplayed the idea, Mayweather still seems intent on making it happen, at least, so says Nurmagomedov’s manager.

Speaking recently with TMZSports, Ali Abdelaziz said that Mayweather has been blowing up his phone trying to make a fight with the UFC lightweight champion happen.

“Me and him have been texting each other for the last month and if he says he did not, I’m gonna put everything on line. Do not lie, Floyd,” said Abdelaziz. “He’s very much begging for the fight. I told him, I said he’s 57 years old, his body’s weak, he’s fragile, he’s got a small head. People think I’m crazy but I think Khabib would beat his ass. He thinks Khabib is easy money but Khabib is much younger, much stronger, more tougher than Conor, a guy that went to the eleventh round with him. And Conor gave up, he’s a quitter. Khabib is no quitter.”

Talk of this fight first came about when Khabib attended a boxing event and ran into the CEO of Mayweather’s promotional team, Leonard Ellerbe, where Khabib pitched the idea. Since then, the two sides have both shown an interest in the bout and have continued to talk about it publicly, hoping the bout might gain inertia like Mayweather’s fight with McGregor did. However, with The Money Fight, McGregor had Dana White in support of the idea and White has already said he has no interest in making this happen unless it is in MMA, something Mayweather has out-and-out rejected. But White has often said things that ended up not being true and as for Khabib, he has no issue boxing with Mayweather.

“Listen, Floyd Mayweather is not a fighter, he’s an athlete,” Abdelaziz said. “[In] the UFC, you have to be a full blown fighter. If we catch Floyd Mayweather on the streets, we’ll beat his ass because he can’t defend himself. He’s an athlete. He doesn’t have enough balls to fight in a real fight. Khabib will fight you in an elevator, phone booth, [he’ll] fight you anywhere. Floyd Mayweather only can fight you in a boxing ring. He’s gonna call himself a fighter, okay, but he don’t have the balls to go to the UFC so we will fight him in a boxing fight and beat his ass, no problem.”

Abdelaziz is certainly right about one thing, Nurmagomedov will fight anywhere. The UFC lightweight champion is currently stuck on the sidelines while he waits for a punishment to be handed down from the Nevada Athletic Commission for jumping into the crowd after UFC 229 to fight McGregor’s friend and training partner Dillon Danis, inciting a massive brawl. But that’s not the actual hold-up on making a fight with Mayweather. According to Abdelaziz, the real reason the match with Floyd hasn’t been made yet is that “Money” Mayweather isn’t making it worth Khabib’s while.

“At the end of the day, if he wants it, the fight is here,” said Abdelaziz. “We like this fight, but he has to come a little bit better with it. He knows what I’m talking about.”


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UFC 232 was definitely one of the better events of the year. Two Submission of the Year candidates plus a KO of the Year candidate and two fighters staking their respective claims as GOATS. Damn good fun all-around. No Morning Report tomorrow, for obvious reasons. Happy New Year and see y’all on Wednesday.



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