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Floyd Mayweather says he’s making $9M for Tenshin Nasukawa exhibition at Rizin 14

Esther Lin, Showtime

Is it possible to make $1 million per minute? Floyd Mayweather says he’ll do just that this weekend.

Mayweather, the boxing legend, insinuated Sunday on Instagram that he’ll be making $9 million to face 20-year-old kickboxing prodigy Tenshin Nasukawa in a boxing exhibition match at Rizin 14 at Saitama Super Arena in Japan on Monday. The contest will be three rounds of three minutes apiece.

“What if I told you I was making $9,000,000 for 9 minutes of sparring in Tokyo Japan would you do the same if you were me?” Mayweather wrote. “I like to call it a 9 minute walk thru.”

Rizin promoter Nobuyuki Sakakibara said before the event that Nasukawa would wear 8-ounce gloves and Mayweather would wear 10-ounce gloves for the bout. Earlier this month, it was announced that contest will have no judges, so there will be no decision winner if it goes three rounds. There could still be a knockout or TKO. It’s full contact, but will not go on either man’s boxing record.

Rizin 14 will air on pay-per-view on Fite TV, though Mayweather vs. Nasukawa will not be available to watch in North America due to broadcast rights issues.

Nasukawa typically fights around 121 pounds. He’ll be giving up about three inches to the 5-foot-8 Mayweather, who fought Conor McGregor last year at 154 pounds. Mayweather is the biggest moneymaker in boxing history, while Nasukawa is thought of as the future of combat sports in Japan.

Rizin 14 will also include a major MMA champion vs. champion matchup between Bellator bantamweight titleholder Darrion Caldwell and Kyoji Horiguchi, Rizin’s champ. Nasukawa defeated Horiguchi, a former UFC title challenger, in a kickboxing match in September.

Follow along with Rizin 14 results here.

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