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Daniel Cormier says Jon Jones turned Jeff Novitzky into ‘his old lady’

Daniel Cormier
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Daniel Cormier thinks UFC vice president of athlete health and performance Jeff Novitzky might be a little too close to the Jon Jones situation.

Since news of Jones’s latest controversy emerged over the weekend, this time a drug-testing abnormality discovered after an analysis of his last 18 months of tests dating back to his last failure in July 2017, Novitzky has gone to bat for Jones, making it clear that the metabolites found in Jones’s system are not indicative of a re-ingestion of a banned substance. The banned substance in question is oral Turinabol, an anabolic steroid that caused Jones to be flagged by the United States Anti-Doping Agency last year and led to a 15-month suspension.

The presence of these metabolites were enough to convince the Nevada State Athletic Commission to refuse Jones a license for his upcoming light heavyweight main event bout with Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 on Saturday, and the show was promptly moved from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., following approval from the California State Athletic Commission.

With the UFC seemingly going to great lengths to preserve Jones’s next fight, his longtime rival Cormier was compelled to take to Instagram to poke fun at Jones and Novitzky.

Cormier made reference to Instagram comments from disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, in which Armstrong referred to Novitzky as “The Star F*cker” and accused the UFC official of having double standards when it comes to Jones (h/t From 2010-2012, Novitzky led an investigation to uncover Armstrong’s use of performance-enhancing drugs, a charge that Armstrong would eventually confess to in 2013 despite prosecutors initially dropping the case.

Based on how Novitzky has defended Jones, Cormier joked that the two are in cahoots.

“This guy Jon Jones is such a dirt bag cheater that even Lance Armstrong is weighing in,” Cormier wrote. “Lance is like where the f*ck was Jeff when I was going through this shit?

“And boy how did Jones turn Jeff Novitzky into his old lady?This is the craziest shit I’ve ever seen. And now people sending me clips of this dude being arrogant at a press conference. That is one crazy negro! Jeff Novitsky-Jones.”

Cormier and Jones have fought on two separate occasions, with Jones defeating him via five-round unanimous decision at UFC 182 and again via third-round KO at UFC 214. The latter results was changed to a no-contest when Jones tested positive for oral Turinabol. That was the second failed drug test of Jones’s MMA career.

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